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If you are a blogger or passionate writer  and want to publish your articles then 10Minuteideas is a great place to look out for, we provide the opportunity to “Write For Us” (Guest Posts) of all Technology, Business, Marketing, Travel, Food, Gadgets, Insurance, Health, Fitness, Cooking etc. related concepts. To get your article published reach us at mihirpatel7293@gmail.com.

Whether you just need somewhere to start posting your work and would like to receive feedback, or you are an experienced writer who want to add their personalities to our resources, expand your portfolio or offer advice, 10Minuteideas have a space for you.

Do you have a smart thought for a engaging in post that accommodates our blog?

We couldn’t imagine anything better than to find out about you and work together to bring you, other substance advertisers, search engine optimization experts, website specialists and potential customers, an extreme resource, by giving extraordinary substance on subjects that intrigue them!

What Contents Are 10Minuteideas Looking For?

Our blog is proposed to be an asset center point for creatives, as we offer types of assistance and information base for Contents related to General, Travel, Food, Health, Business, Technology and Life Style.

Our point is to give our users articles composed by individuals who love what they would and like to share their expertise and skill in these subjects:

  • Business
  • General
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Living
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Entertainment

What are the characteristics of a decent article

  1. It is written as somebody learned about the topic.
  2. The thought and structure of the post are clear.
  3. Is written for one (or a few) of the targeted audience.
  4. Visuals bolster the post and are very much made.
  5. Upheld by realities and focuses to great additional data and assets.

Visitor Posting Guidelines Do’s

  1. Submit 100% unique Content
  2. Compose longer than 1,200 words
  3. Give down to earth and significant hints
  4. Add valuable pictures to portray the focuses you notice
  5. Reinforcement up your focuses with research and genuine information
  6. Connection to supporting assets and other accommodating aides on the web
  7. Ensure there are no spelling or punctuation botches.
  8. Arrangement of your article so it’s anything but difficult to peruse
  9. Use bullet list, Paragraph, bold and Headings and so on

If you are looking for back-link  / Do-Follow link, we are OK with that but with following conditions:

  • Maximum 1 link is allowed.
  • Link will only be added to the bio section for the Author.
  • All other links found in the body of the article will be reviewed and edited or removed if needed.

Author Bio:

Please provide following with your article.

  • A brief bio
  • Minimum one link for your readers to follow(Website/LinkedIn/Facebook etc)
  • A picture, approx  150 * 150 resolution

Collaboration and contribution

  • Our  team might edit and contribute further to your work.
  • Our search engine optimization team might review and enhance a blog further.
  • This includes changes to written content, images and any media you submit.
  • We might remove or add any content to your original submission.
  • Do not worry. You would receive full credit for your work. It will be published exclusively under your name.

Guest Post Submissions Guidelines To Get Quick Reply From Us

To help you meet our criteria and expectations, here are some guidelines to get started:

  • Content must be 100% genuine one without any copyright activities and zero percentage of Plagiarism must be there.
  • The Word count must be a minimum of 1200 words
  • The topic headline must be ideal and be of 70 characters
  • Grammatical mistakes and excessive use of links is prohibited
  • Images must be unique and must be HD quality. for every article one featured image is compulsory.
  • Send Articles as an HTML file or in Microsoft Word Document format (no PDF files, please), as email attachments.

How To Submit Your Guest Post

  • If your Article meet the above-mentioned guidelines then you can send it to us at 10Minuteideas.com
  • Within 1 or 2 working days our content team will review your blog and get back to you if any changes required and then it will be published.
  • 10Minuteideas is always open for suggestions and inquiries with no doubt you can contact us and make your blogs published at mihirpatel7293@gmail.com

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Submit Blog on Travel – try this query

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