What Is KIKI Challenge or Also Know as In My Challenge

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People Injured a lot during accepting a kiki challenge or #inmychallange throughout the world. All over the world police department inform the people to do not do this it’s not just a challenge but more people are harmed and injured on doing this crazy challenge.

What Actually is Kiki Challenge


Also known as  “In My Feelings challenge”, the Kiki challenge involves jumping out of moving from a car and dancing alongside it to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” while the car continues moving. This is not just dangerous but the people are playing with his own life.


Who Did This Challenge First

Aubrey Drake Graham

The well-known celebrity from Canada, who is famous for his rapper, singer, and songwriter. He holds many awards as well as top-selling music artist of the 21st century, but it does not mean that people should follow his trend blindfold.

When he Did this and How It becomes the viral on Social Media

He captured a video on July 21st and uploaded it on social media after that it becomes a trend on social media and people started doing the same thing and now it’s trending on a #kiki challenge or also know as #in my challenge.

Ever since the video was uploaded by this entertainer number of people accepting this challenge and attempting.

While some reports describe that thousands of people were injured or falling out of the cars.

Look At this what police and the different government has asked people on This Challenge.


Some Arab Countries and Egypt also banned kiki challenge after some serious injuries of people attempted by kiki challenge.

Be safe and please do not accept this type of challenge, please do not play with your life. Stay away from #kikichallenge.




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