Top Out of the Box Topics on which You Can Write Blog

Blogging undoubtedly has become extremely famous these days, and there are a lot of things on which people are writing blogs on. Even so, there are a lot many factors still there on which you can write blogs and earn well, nope, we are not talking about travel blogging, food blogging, or travel blogging or even technology related blogging. Here we are talking about various out of the box topics, on which you cannot just grow as bloggers but also earn really well.

Human Feature:

A human feature is something that talks about people, it can be the Facebook page or a website such as Human of New York, seeing which various such blogs have come up. Talking about Human Feature Blogs, these blogs help you increase the flow of visitors if you write content that is emotionally driven or to raise a voice, by writing a particular kind of posts.


Listicles, as the name suggests is an article written in a list form. Such as this one that you are reading. Listicles have small brief points that talk about a particular type of topic. These kinds of articles can be of any niche and are more fun and interesting to read. Even if you write about a boring topic, reading about it in brief, to the point points helps the reader stay interested for a longer time.

How To’s:

How To’s is a newly come into the category of writing articles. They can be on the easiest to the most difficult topics, showing how to do certain things. People often ask for procedures, such as “How to reboot an android phone” or “how to format a hard disk”, articles such as “how to get better at concentrating” are also there. All these topics can help you build your audience and not just that, the number of people on the internet asking questions and putting up queries about various things will always be increasing. So what are you waiting for? Start your ‘how to’ website, today!

Ultimate Guides:

Just as you can write various ‘How To’s’, you can also write in a way that guides people to various kinds of topics, such as a Guide to blogging, where you can tell people how to go about their blogging journey, top 7 tips to do when going for a trek etc. or what all to carry when travelling to a beach. All these kinds of topics can help you rank as a better blogger and what is even better is that you will always have a lot of topics by your side.

Gifs and Memes:

If there is anything popular these days it has to be memes. We can even call memes the ultimate fuel for today’s youth. Be it any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, GIFs and Memes are extremely famous and are loved by people. If you have any website that has a lot to do with all this kind of stuff, undoubtedly would be very beneficial for you.

Review Websites:

Review websites are those that review products and services about your niche. What is the best part of these websites is that the reviews that you need to post here could be lifestyle related, food-related, products related or even services related, because of which you don’t just have to be limited to just a single way of reviewing things and can expand your horizons.

History and Science Related:

These kind of websites are very much in, this is so because the value of history will also be the same, and people would want to know what were the impacts of all the great wars in order to become aware, and technology is an ever upgrading thing because of which you would always have new content and an ever-ready audience, who is not just inquisitive about the future, but also interested in the past. What is more, that you can also converge both these topics and show the implications of some historic events on the present day technology?

This was the entire list of just a few out of the box topics folks!So what are you still waiting for? Get ready and get going…start your ‘out of the box’ blog today!!

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