Top European Islands For Your Summer Vacation

Europe has plenty of touristic attractions and millions of people are visiting this continent every year. Even if you decide to visit some historical and architectural vestiges, to admire the natural treasures or even just to sunbathe on sandy beaches, in Europe, you will always have a great experience. It is a place with wide variety of stunning locations and you will most likely felt encouraged to return once in a while and explore the continent even further. It’s often forgotten, but Europe is also a continent with some of the most beautiful islands in the world, full of splendor and with some very picturesque landscapes. In the following article, we will focus on the best and the most astonishing islands of Europe, those kinds of places that you should definitely visit when given a chance.

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Santorini in Greece

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From the moment you see the giant sheer cliffs, the blue water and the imposing buildings, you will know that you are getting close to Santorini. Because of its beautiful landscapes and tranquil atmosphere, Santorini is visited by thousands of people every year. Also, this island can praise itself with some very important archaeological treasures, that will make you live a new adventure at every sight. Santorini is also known for its sunny beaches, with smooth sand and mesmerizing blue waters.


Lanzarote in Spain

Lanzarote is a relatively small island, but because of its astonishing attractions and great ambiance, many tourists are visiting throughout the year. Arriving on this island by plane is definitely the easiest way, but it is more advisable to come here by boat. That way you will have the unique opportunity of admiring the overall landscape of Lanzarote from the distance. Lanazarote is also the home of Timanfaya National Park, a popular volcano park that’s attracting over 1 million visitors annually. The Green Caves represent another important and popular locale, where you will be given a chance to visit and explore 2 kilometers long volcanic tunnel with many secrets.

Ischia in Italy

Ischia, or the Isola d’Ischia as the locals call it, is more than just an island. In fact, Ischia represent the best of European diversity. In a way, it’s actually a rich collection of architectural, archaeological and natural wonders. Basilica Di Santa Maria and Chiesa del Soccorso are the most important religious vestiges in Italy and they can be found on this island. Also, Ischia is hosting the famous Castello Aragonnese, a great medieval construction which is still preserved in great shape. If you get bored of Ischia, you should know that the legendary Mount Vesuvius is just 20 kilometers away, and you have plenty of transportation methods right from the island.


Brac in Croatia

Because of its self-sustained facilities, Brac can be considered a small continent, where people have everything they need, without having to go back to the mainland. However, the island is easily accessible via Split yacht charter, and it won’t take you more than an hour to arrive on its shores. Since there are so many things to see and experience, Brac is more interesting if you decide to visit it with a guide who can present and explain you the significance of each place. But, if you are here just to relax and to get a nice suntan, you should definitely go on the famous Zlatni Rat beach. Here you can sunbathe at will, while meditating and admiring the picturesque landscape and the azure Adriatic Sea.


As you can see, Europe has some amazing islands, with diverse nature and strong cultural heritage. Each of this islands will amaze you and will provide an amazing experience for you if you decide to visit them. Of course, these islands are just a tip of the iceberg, but still present good starting point for getting to know exotic parts of this ancient continent. Just prepare yourself for the trip and get ready to have the time of your life!


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