Top Adventure Water Sports Activities To Do in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that is always on the go. From people darting to catch the local train to drivers bringing out their best Need for Speed moves to beat the peak hour traffic, everyone’s in adventure mode in this bustling city.

While the former kind of adventure is something you cannot help but indulge in, the real fun of adventure water sports is best experienced when you hit the high waters, soar from skies, and feel an adrenaline rush as you jump off a cliff. Here is a list of must-do adventure water sports in Mumbai.

Top Adventure Water Sports Activities in Mumbai

1. Jet Skiing

You haven’t really experienced the water until you’ve gone jet skiing. It’s like riding a superbike, except for the fact that you’re doing it on the ocean, which is rather safe when compared to the pothole-ridden roads of Mumbai.

Once your instructor explains the safety aspects, recreate the chase scene from your favorite Bollywood film. Or pretend you’re one of those lifeguards from Baywatch going to rescue someone at sea. Try it at Alibaug beach at a fairly reasonable price.

Price: Rs 300 per round

Where: Mandwa Jetty and Alibaug Beach

2. Kayaking

KayaKing Water Activity

Kayaking itself can seem quite mundane and lonesome. However, it is a sport that requires laser-sharp focus and keen situational awareness. You’re placed in a peapod-shaped boat, given a paddle and are given a few instructions on maneuvering the boat.

From there on it’s you, your kayak and the gushing water splashing on your body. If done right, kayaking can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and solitude that can last a lifetime. And you don’t even need to go too far away from Mumbai to experience it.

Price: Rs. 900 to Rs. 3000 per adult (depending on the package)

Where: Vasai-Virar

3. Trapezing

Trapezing Activity in Munbai

Trapezing is an activity that will surely get your heart pumping. In this activity, you are harnessed on the sail and placed on the edge of the boat with your legs extended on the edge of the railing.

Enjoy the splashes of the sea waves as the boat skips and hops over and through the ocean waves. Trapezing literally leaves you hanging on to your life! Well not literally. The best place to go trapezing near Mumbai is at the Mandwa beach near Alibaug.

Price: Rs. 800 to Rs. 6000 per adult

Where: Mandwa beach

4. Stand-Up Paddle Boating

stand up paddle boating in mumbai

If you’re looking for something to do other than kayaking, try stand-up paddle boating at the Mandwa Beach. In this activity, you’re required to row the boat in a standing position.

So, it’s advised to do this activity only if you have a lot of stamina and strength. The activity lasts about 40 minutes and an instructor accompanies you on the ride. Since this is a water sport, it is essential that you pay keen attention to all the instructions given to you.

Price: Rs. 300 to Rs. 4000 per adult

Where: Mandwa beach

5. Whitewater rafting

White water rafting in mumbai

If you are a water baby and are looking for an activity that involves thrill and chills, then you have to take up white water rafting. Usually conducted as a group activity, teams of three and above are set into a rafting boat, briefed with safety instructions, and they are set to make their way down through the rapids in the Kundalika river.

During the course of the activity, you can choose to topple the raft into the river. If you aren’t a good swimmer, we would suggest that you give toppling the boat a miss.

Price: Rs 1500-Rs 4000 per adult

Where: Kolad



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