Top 8 Joints To Get The Best Street Taco NYC Has To Offer!

Tasting a delicious street taco is one of the must-do things when visiting New York City. Street tacos are among the biggest attractions the city has to offer making it a food lover’s paradise. You will be amazed at the variety of delicious street taco NYC has to offer. New York is the best city to try this iconic Mexican dish. There will be a wide variety of it offered to you with some of the wildest and most creative fillings you’ll never even have heard of!

Best Taco spots in New York City:

steer tacos nyc

New York is one of the best US cities to visit. Whether you’re visiting New York for a vacation or are flying in last minute on a work-related trip, you simply cannot leave without trying the street taco NYC has to offer. There are so many taco outlets that you’ll be spoilt for choice. To help you pick where to head to first, here’s our guide to some of the best taco spots in NYC.

Salvation Taco

This is among the best rooftop street taco NYC has to offer. The rooftop place will help take your love for tacos to a whole new level offering incredible an innovative fillings. This is the place to be to experience street taco NYC happy hour at its best. Some of the must-try varieties include skirt steak tacos, kimchi posole, lamb on naan, and sweetbread tacos among others. There’s also a wide choice of drinks you can pick from to accompany the dish.

Cantina Rooftop

You will be offered one of the most diverse street taco menus at Cantina Rooftop. Sitting at this rooftop restaurant overlooking the Hudson River, gorge on some of the most inventive Mexican dishes and not just tacos. Some of the popular items to try here include tacos, ceviche, and tostaditas among other dishes. The ambiance is a bright and tranquil one making this one of the best places to enjoy a peaceful round of street taco brunch with friends.

Tacos El Bronco Restaurant

A visit to the famous Tacos El Bronco Restaurant is one of the best things for taco lovers to do in New York. The restaurant offers an unbelievable variety of delicious and mouthwatering tacos and is well-deservedly one of the most popular taco joints in the city. Their tripe filling is famous on a level one cannot describe and not enough can be said about the unique but interesting campechanos. As a bonus, you are served a green onion that’s been charred to perfection.

Ines Bakery

Some of the best tacos, or any dish for that matter, can be found in bakeries. Ines Bakery is one of the best stops to make when touring New York City. The place is famous for churning out delicious Mexican, Dominican, and Salvadorian pastries. Its taco choices are wide and cheaper than most other places. Try their chipotle flavored chicken filling which is unlike any other and among the most delicious ones ever. Expect to be served a generous amount of lettuce, onions, and cilantro among other things.

Ricos Tacos

Also offering a diverse menu when it comes to the best street taco NYC has to offer, Ricos Tacos is a good place to try out. Must-try items here include the cabeza, tacos dorados, picadillo de res, and tacos placeros among several others. Invest in some business class flights and come explore the fantastic taco scene this incredible city has to offer. The seating is outdoors so you can enjoy street and people-watching as you gorge on delicious tacos.

El Atoradero Brooklyn

Some of the best street taco NYC has to offer can be found at El Atoradero. They serve fabulous handmade blue tortillas with an insane variety of lip-smacking fillings. Tasting like none other, these are famous as much for their uniqueness as they are for their taste. Some of their most famous fillings to try include verdolagas, lengua, and con hongos y nopales among several others. This is a must-try place offering authentic Mexican dishes.

Salerno Pizza

You must be wondering what a pizza place is doing on a list of taco food joints. Actually, some of the best street taco NYC offers can be found at this incredible place. At Salerno, tacos are one of the most popular items and come in a myriad variety. Their chorizos are most famous as are the homemade sauces that accompany them. Overstuffed and delicious, the tacos are served with a generous amount of chopped onions, cilantro, and another garnishing.

Otto’s Tacos

This is one of the best taco places to head to when arriving in New York on cheap flights for a vacation. They serve absolutely delicious yellow-corn tortillas which are handmade and stuffed with grilled meat. They also have vast vegetarian filling choices. Their most famous vegetarian filling is that of stewed mushrooms served with finely chopped onions and cilantro topping. Even if you’re a hardcore meat lover, this is a great option to try.



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