Ten Minutes to a More Effective Social Media Strategy

Here’s the thing about social media: if you are running a business, you need to be using social media. There’s just no way around it. But what there is a way around is all the hoops you need to jump through to keep your business front and center. With automation and so many clever programs that do a lot of work for you, it’s easier than ever to get your business on the map and help grow your brand and awareness. We’ve put together a ten-minute social media marketing strategy that you can use every day to help you succeed online.

1) Jot Down Your Ideas

Before you post anything, write down a few ideas of what you’d like to share in the coming days. Rather than just try to keep up with the day-to-day of social media, plan a few days in advance. Many social media experts say to plan 30 days in advance, but if you are new to the social media marketing strategy and feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, just ten minutes a day will help you get much further in no time. So take the time to write down 6-7 ideas for a few days. Plan to post 1-2 times per day on each social media platform. Sure, some people will say you need to post more, but again, we’re talking about ten minutes here, not a lifetime.

2) Whip Up Some Graphics

Whether you decide to take your own photos or you want to use stock photos, there are a few software programs that will help you create amazing graphics in just a few minutes a day. If you take ten minutes to write down some ideas one morning, and you take ten more minutes to put together some quick graphics, you’ll soon be on your way to using automation software to publish your week’s social media content. Before that, make sure you are using your branding colors and logo in every photo you share. And remember, you don’t need to hire a marketing company to do this for you – it’s nice if you have the budget – but most small businesses who are working in coworking spaces just trying to piece together a business, don’t. So go easy on yourself.

3) Automate the Heck Out of Your Social Media

Now, there’s no need to go crazy with automation, but when it comes to getting content out there, there really is no easier way to ensure that your brand and products get in front of people. In just ten minutes a day, you can create, schedule posts a few times a week. Once you have your high-level topics ready to go and know what you want to talk about, and you’ve created your graphics, scheduling the posts is the easiest part. Plus, if you are just starting out, a lot of social media automation platforms are free, so that is easy on the budget too.

4) Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Spend one ten-minute block of time each week writing down new hashtags for your social media posts. Rather than use the same ones over and over again and run the risk of being blacklisted or ghosted on social media, you can create new ones each week. In just ten minutes you can scribble down some ideas and keywords that you can turn into hashtags that will help your target audience find you.

Whatever it is that you are trying to share with the world, there’s no doubt that social media is the way to go. It’s fast, easy, free, and with just ten minutes a day, you can create a killer strategy for getting your business out there. When you get used to doing social media for your business – and trust us, there is a learning curve – you can spend more time building and creating posts and learning the ins and outs of automation software. But for now, ten minutes is all you need to get started and start growing!

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