Can South Africans Become The Leaders In Entrepreneurship?

Can South Africans Become The Leaders In Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial skills are without any doubt a highly sought after skill. A skill that can mean life can be lived to its fullest or life can be unbearable. Warren Buffet, one of the top 3 richest men alive filed his first income tax report at the age of 12. At the age of 15 years Buffet and his friend invested in a used Pinball machine and within just a few months they owned three machines. This was before he became a university graduate in economics.

Entrepreneurial skills are without any doubt a very scarce but useful skill to have. The reason the word skill is used is simple. History has taught us that entrepreneurship has nothing to do with the number of qualifications you have or any other outstanding academic performance. According to a report published by Stats SA, 82,5% of businesses were financed by relatives or friends.

A minimal 4,9% of businesses were financed by commercial banks. With South Africa’s unique history, we have grown up with a specific thought frameset that conditioned us to survive rather than to strive for wealth. A further fact that supports this theory is that 50% of South Africans lived below the poverty line in the year 2000, according to the CIA Factbook.

Internet entrepreneurship offers the global reach of more than a billion Internet users. It provides several marketing strategies that can be applied at very little or no costs and accurate stats that can assist in tweaking and improving entrepreneurial skills. The Internet is a prize that still hasn’t exploded in a South Africa that’s living the legacy of the past.

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The Internet offers the ideal way to start a business for the thousands of South Africans that have been retrenched due to the world recession, black empowerment, the effect of the National Credit Act and companies fallen due to corruption and bad debt.


Regarding labour segments in South Africa, it is notable that there seems to be a trend that supports the theory of Entomology promoting the use of the Internet as a platform for entrepreneurship, with the labour force split among the following main categories. – Agriculture occupations 9% – Industry occupations 26% – Services occupations 65%

The Internet offers South Africans great benefit as they often do not have the cash to finance entrepreneurship. But with a small monthly budget, you can start an Internet business such as and run it from home with very little overheads. With open source, you do not even need to know much about website design and development.

South Africa needs a new culture of entrepreneurs on the Internet that can be created through proper training and skills programs. These skills programs need to be developed so that a new generation of entrepreneurial youth can lead the way for the country. The Internet is a logical choice as its growth hasn’t slowed since its creation and the costs of running an online business has declined considerably. Standing by the laws of Entomology, the Internet is the one resource where no matter who you are, you can compete with the big corporations.

The old way of educating entrepreneurs in business and finance management enhances existing skills sets of entrepreneurs but lacks the real systems that make entrepreneurs successful. As the laws of Entomology explain, the real science of entrepreneurship is much more complex and requires a much broader skills set.

Entomology specifies systems that have been proven to have made all the difference in all the successful entrepreneurs in the world. Regardless of their backgrounds and education, they were successful because of the unique way they think and do things.

What is stopping South Africans to reach for the Internet Entrepreneurial dream? Compared to countries like the USA and UK, South Africa offers very little Internet entrepreneurship education and training! There are several Internet Marketing training courses and workshops available in South Africa, but no Entrepreneurship courses, workshops or seminars for Internet business.

The Internet the ideal platform for entrepreneurship and to step up and reach for true wealth with low risk but high return, as it offers all the valuable characteristics of Entomology.

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