Proven Ways to Boost Your Grocery Business Amid Crisis

The Corona outbreak has brought a significant impact on the global economy in multiple ways. Amongst doorstep delivery business is on peak and gaining attention day by day. 

Due to the pandemic, most people have been confined inside their homes, which leaves the people with no other option than to turn towards online solutions for paying bills, ordering food, buying groceries, ordering medicines, etc. On the other hand, businesses are also finding ways to interact with customers and boost sales of their brick-and-mortar grocery business. 

According to Forbes, around 75% of the workforce have grown up with the Internet, and by 2025 they will use smartphones to accomplish their daily tasks. 

This clearly defines that online delivery apps such as Zomato, Instacart, BigBasket, Grofers, Uber, Postmates, etc., have gained tremendous attention recently as they enable customers to place orders and get them delivered at doorsteps. Earlier, people used to buy groceries from nearby stores, but apps like BigBasket, Grofers, Instacart have proved a game-changer. 

As more customers prefer online grocery shopping, it is significant for retailers to nail the online experience to thrive amid this crisis. 

The Game-changing Sector Amid Pandemic 

Online grocery delivery apps have experienced a huge rise in terms of daily orders and app downloads. Besides, people also use it more often as it provides a convenient solution to get products at doorsteps. Well-known apps such as Postmates, Grofers, Instacart, etc., have gained huge attention. 

After witnessing the major success of them, more and more retailers are transforming their existing business model, enlisting experienced technology partners, and executing digital solutions offered by Edelivery by Elluminati Inc to automate their business entity. 

The market of online grocery delivery is promising because it satisfies consumer’s needs quickly. Ever since the corona outbreak, you should not overlook beneath facts and figures related to the grocery delivery business. 


According to Brick Meets Click’s survey, the online grocery delivery market grew 10 times faster than in-store.

  • Daily downloads of grocery delivery apps have experienced a massive surge by an average of 150% since lockdown. 
  • One of the most used grocery delivery apps, Instacart, has seen a maximum of 38,500 app downloads per day. 
  • Well-known eCommerce giant Amazon is planning to hire delivery executives to meet the rising demand of customers. 
  • In addition to that, Instacart is also planning to hire 30,000 delivery executives. 
  • You may wonder, but due to the pandemic, delivery providers’ wages also increase from $2 to $17 per hour. 

The above statistics clearly define that the online grocery delivery trend is here to stay long. Therefore, it is the right time for brick-and-mortar retailers to sail in the trending wave and achieve better results. 

Wow-some Tips to Boost Sales of Your Grocery Business 

These days, the demand for online groceries increases as people have found it convenient to order groceries online rather than visiting a physical store. More and more retailers are switching online to increase their business reach and revenue. Due to lockdown, retail shop owners were asked to shut their business and urged them to go online as it helps them to stay afloat in the market. 

You need well-crafted strategies to boost sales and increase the customer retention ratio. Without a fuss, here we have mentioned effective strategies to boost your grocery business’s sales amid the crisis. It will also help you bring new customers. 

Go Digital 


As per AppAnnie’s research, there is a sudden surge in Walmart grocery app during a pandemic. Despite the social distancing and lockdown, people are using the Internet more than ever, which has surged the downloads of online delivery apps. Most people are even purchasing groceries online since they can not go outside. 

Additionally, retailers are asked to shut their business doors for a while to prevent virus spread. Here, retailers need to go digital as it allows them to interact with customers and sell their products online. Retailers require dedicated website and app solutions that can accept and manage online orders. Incorporate all the modern features such as multiple payment options, real-time order tracking, advanced search options and so on. 

You can either partner with well-established delivery apps such as Grofers, BigBasket, or Instacart, as it allows you to accept and deliver orders online. Or else, you can also develop your customized delivery solution to grow your grocery business.

Once you adopt the digital approach for your grocery business, you will avail following benefits, 

  1. Brand building
  2. Data gathering
  3. Attracting more people
  4. Enhancing customer loyalty 
  5. Able to deliver personalized offers

It would be profitable for your grocery business to have user-friendly apps and a website; it will thrive your grocery business and thus help you serve better. 

Spread the Word Out

Starting a delivery business is not enough; if you want to gain success, it must consider different online marketing techniques to get noticed. Without solid internet marketing, no one will know about your grocery delivery business. Let’s go through some tactics that help spread words about your delivery business. 

Social Media: More than 4.14 billion people are using social media; what could be a more effective tool to reach people? Thus, creating profiles on popular social media sites will help you drive traffic and keep them engaged with your grocery business. 

Along with social media, there are many other free ways to promote your grocery delivery business that are sure to get you a lot of revenue, such as, 

  1. Loyalty programmers ( deals and discounts)
  2. Online advertising ( Google ads, Facebook Ads and paid campaigns)
  3. Invest in local SEO
  4. Educate customers with quality content
  5. Email marketing 
  6. Banner marketing

Today, people’s preferences have changed; conventional grocery businesses need to revamp their existing business model and marketing strategies. Mobile apps to websites to create blogs to digital marketing techniques( social media, email, SEO) are effective and smart solutions to amplify your grocery business. 

Parting Words

Since the pandemic hits the global economy, more and more people are switching online. Unlock the unlimited possibilities and take your grocery business online. To enjoy long-term success, leverage the right technology, trends, and marketing tactics to flourish your grocery business. So, convert this tough time into a golden opportunity and skyrocket sales of your local delivery business. 

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