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Last Minute Ideas for This Valentine’s Day – It Will take 10 Minute Only

It’s Valentine’s Day and you have screwed up big time by forgetting it. Well, if your girlfriend/boyfriend might not be ready to forgive you. Therefore, you undoubtedly need to make it up with them. And turns out you have got a little time to help yourself out. No need to stress over yourself because I have come up with some Valentine Day gift ideas which will only take your ten minutes. Read on to find out more.

A Photo Montage of Your Loved One

One of the simplest ways of creating a gift for your sweetheart is a photo montage. It’s simple, elegant and the best way of going to back to the time and reliving memories. Take out all the pictures you have clicked together. If it’s on the phone then print it out. Or someone who loves getting Polaroid pictures then stick together all of them. You can decorate it with some hearts and write down a personalized message.

Heart Centerpiece – From the Garden

If there’s one thing that happens to be mandatory for Valentine’s Day then its Flowers. Handpicked fresh from the garden they make a perfect gifting option to your sweetheart. Although a single rose would convey all your sentiments. You can go a little dramatic by creating a Heart centerpiece. All you need is to cut the stem of the roses or any other flower according to your dear one’s choice and make it into a heart shape. For further, you can always check out on the Internet. Else, simply arrange the fresh blooms in the vase. Voila, there you go.


Looking for a last minute idea for Valentine’s Day trust me it will take only 10 minutes for you to take your day everlasting. Uplift the mood by simple DIY cologne. There’s no wonder that essential oils make us feel warm, relaxing and create an exotic atmosphere. Just add few drops of your favorite essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser to put you in a small glass bottle. Shake it and apply it to pulse points.

Hand Shaped Valentine’s Day

This does sound interesting right? A unique idea for your lover within 10 minutes idea. Take the chart paper of some dazzling colors. Place your hand on it and with the help of pencil sketch down your hand. Cut it down and write down some romantic quotes or you can keep a ring on it and give a hint of something * special * you wish to happen.

Heart Shaped Tea Tag

Warm up your feelings by penning down it on a tea bag. Cut two hearts from a coloring or construction paper. Using a metallic pen or sketch pens write down your affectionate feelings. Next, remove a tea bag tag and end of the string. Attach this cute hearts on the front and back of the tea bag with the help of a double-sided tape, stapler or glue. Pack up these bags and give it a wonderful surprise. Let your dear one’s morning begin with you.

Chocolate Cookies

There’s no one who would resist indulging themselves into Chocolate cookies. The freshly baked ones work best as last minute valentine’s day cookies for your sweetheart. All you need is to grab some ingredients or perhaps you can make some instant cookies using unsweetened cocoa, some sugar or jaggery for a healthy version, flour, butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, eggs, and some dark chocolates. Yummy isn’t it?

Mix the dry ingredients first and keep it aside. Likewise, beat butter, sugar, vanilla, and eggs till they become fluffy. Add the dry mixture. Mix it properly. Refrigerate for 1 hour and then roll into balls and press it on a tray. Bake it for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. Voila there you go!

Even though Valentine’s Day falls on 14th of February and a lot of buzzes keeps on going. We tend to forget this special day. Thus, if you are looking out for last minute gift ideas, take a look at the above-mentioned ones. They are easy and romantic such that they will strengthen your relationship with your partner. Happy Valentine’s Day from me and mine to you and yours. Let the love between the two of you keeps blooming.


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