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How to Enhance Programming Skills with Perfect JavaScript Blogs

It becomes mandatory for programmers or developers to stay up to date with the present trends, this ensures them to stay updated with current protocols and standards. And when it comes to staying updated then blogs can prove to be the best option, it helps coders to stay updated related to latest technological development and trends.

There are numerous programming languages that developers and coders use for crafting excellent mobility solutions, which makes people live more conveniently and easily. According to the report, JavaScript is one of the most popular coding languages and used by most of the developers worldwide, it is also found that more than 68% of developers prefer JavaScript as the programming language while 63.5% will love to make use of HTML or CSS. Some of the other programming languages which developers prefer to use include SQL, Java, Python, and many more.


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Improving JavaScript Coding Skills: Explore to Know Which Blog Can be More Beneficial For You!

JavaSript bagged huge popularity among coders after its launch by Brendan Eich in 1995, after its advent, multiple changes were introduced to know everything about the most used language it becomes vital for the developers to explore numerous blogs which gives a brief introduction about the language and also help them to enhance their programming skills to a great extent.

This advanced programming language experienced huge growth in terms of modules, frameworks, and many more things, which makes this language a perfect choice for project development.

RedMonk programming language rankings represent that JavaScript is a leading programming language, especially when it comes to repositories and the most searched coding language on Stack Overflow. Thus it is not at all wrong to say that this programming has a long way to go and can also be termed as a future programming language.

Learning JavaScript can sound to be the most tricky process for the newbies as new features, frameworks, APIs, and much more is information for the same language on a regular basis. Even it becomes quite difficult for JavaScript developers to keep themselves up to date with regular innovations related to the programming language they are making use of. Thus it becomes essential for them to explore most of the JavaScript blogs, which helps them to keep up to date information related to the programming language.

Stack Overflow 

Any of the developers, when facing any of the developing problems while developing projects using JavaScript, switch to Stack Overflow immediately as they know it well that they can easily solve all their queries by exploring content available on the site. Programmers dealing with any other programming language can also find a solution by exploring useful content available on the site. It is a freely available forum where any individual can place the queries or can place a solution for placed queries.


If you are a newbie in the coding world and want to learn to code starting from the basics, then TutorialPoint is the best source for you! There are numerous tutorials related to JavaScript, Java, and many other programming languages that are available on the platform. Tutorialspoint provides developers with a variety of content, while more than 20 million viewers explore the end number of blogs on platforms to get their queries addressed in a most accurate way.


It is one of the most explored and popular web development portals, Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle founded SitePoint in 1999. This informative portal is very beneficial for the developers as it avails them with the end number of blogs and articles which they can use to solve all their doubts in the most accurate way. SitePoint can be considered as one of the best sources for newbie and experienced developers to expand their coding knowledge, they can find the latest updates and solutions related to JavaScript on the platform whenever they want.

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Brendan Eich

The inventor of JavaScript Brendan Eich provides developers and JavaScript lovers with the latest and useful blogs, which helps them to understand the programming language in a better way. If any of the developers working on eventbrite clone development with the help of JavaScript face issues can instantly find a solution to their problems by exploring blogs availed by Brendan Eich.

The creator has kept its blog completely filled with useful information and processes about JavaScript. JavaScript developers can explore videos, text, and other types of content available on the blog and can improve their programming knowledge to a great extent.

JavaScript Playground 

If any of the JavaScript developers want to grasp knowledge related to JavaScript APIs, modules, libraries, and much more can consider exploring a variety of blogs on the engaging platform. JavaScript Playground allows developers to focus and get familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem by providing them with high-quality blogs. This blog includes different guidelines, basic concepts, tips, and much more related to the programming language.

Ending Note

Every developer, no matter working with which programming language, is aware of the fact that the programming world is quite deeper and wider than their imagination. Thus it becomes essential for them to stay up to date with the latest updates and information related to the programming language they are using, and how can they do so? Simply by exploring numerous blogs which provide them with the useful and latest information. Make sure to target goals that can help you to get the best result that also without making many efforts that also in lesser time.

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