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How to Be More Eco-Friendly Each and Everyday

It’s hard to deny the fact that humans have made some negative impacts on the planet. From harmful gas emission to improper waste disposal, it’s clear that the earth has taken some damage over the years. While you might feel as though your impact is small, there are many ways you can take action to be more eco-friendly each and every day to help take better care of our planet. Here are just a few simple ways you can make a difference today.

Choose to Reuse

Believe it or not, there are many reusable items you can purchase to reduce your impact and your waste. You may already have reusable shopping bags for the grocery store, but there are reusable zip lock bag options as well. Instead of packing your veggies or chips in a bag you end up throwing away afterwards, opt for bags you can wash and use again later on. The same goes for both your water bottle and your straws. It’s no secret that straws and plastic bottles have caused massive amounts of harm to our planet and to our oceans. lets take a look on 6 tips to reuse, recycle and reduce in our daily life.

The good news is, you can still hydrate throughout the day with a reusable water bottle and a metal straw. A stainless steel container will keep your water much colder than a plastic one, and will reduce your impact on the planet. Be mindful of the items you find yourself constantly using and throwing out again and again. Chances are, you can find a reusable option that is more cost effective and less harmful; it’s a win-win!

Choose to Borrow

Borrowing is a concept that most of us are familiar with. Whether you borrow a book from a friend or some tools from your neighbor, we have all borrowed something at one point or another. A great way to be more eco-friendly is to try your hand at borrowing more. Instead of purchasing new items which increases manufacturing waste, determine which friends and family members would be willing to loan out items you might need.

Become a regular at your local library instead of heading to the bookstore for your yearly reads. Borrowing is a simple way to lessen your mark on our planet and hopefully increase what’s in your wallet.

In this case bin rental is best example of this, by doing bin rental we can reduce carbon emission.

Choose Used

Another great way to save some cash but not have to borrow from your neighbor is to purchase used products as opposed to something brand new. Nowadays, thrifting is a concept that is becoming quite popular. Discovering pre-owned treasures at your local consignment store can be a fun and rewarding pastime.

Choosing used will allow you to lower the impact that manufacturing has on our planet and grant you some interesting vintage outfits and décor. If an older style is not your thing, you can still find quality well-known clothing lines like Lularoe at online thrift stores like thredUP. The company is even offering free pins with each order to remind you of the positive impact of choosing used this season.

Purchasing used clothing and even used household items will help fight against textile waste, thus lowering the amount of old items that end up in landfills. The next time you’re looking to go on a shopping spree, consider choosing to look for used items as opposed to something hot off the assembly line.

Choose to Use Less

If none of the options above are plausible when it comes to your current routine, consider keeping things the same and simply using less. From taking a shorter shower to being more mindful of how long you leave your lights on at home, there are easy habitual changes you can make if you stick to it.

In what areas do you find you consume more than you need?

Most instances of overuse include electricity, water, gas, and paper. The more you make use of these items, the larger your carbon footprint will be. Simple changes to make as you try to use less include printing on both sides of a page, purchasing solar powered items, and riding your bike short distances instead of driving. Though these changes might feel out of the ordinary for you at first, developing these eco-friendly habits will help you be more conscious of your impact each and every day.

Making mindful, eco-friendly decisions every day can at first glance appear to be a challenge, but is not impossible. Where can you start to make positive, environmentally conscious choices in your own life?

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