How to be Financially Independent when you can’t Leave Home

Making money while you sit at home is no more a tough job. You can have your own reasons for not wanting to step out from the comfort zone of your home. You can be a mother taking care of her children, a housewife having family responsibilities, somebody who doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic every day, or a free-spirited individual who wishes not to be bound. A 9-5 job may not interest you, but you still urge to work without leaving your premises.

Financial independence is the need of the hour. One cannot be dependent always on your family or husband for his or her financial needs. A decent earning not only enables you to be a supporting hand but also caters to your own independence౼ideally gives you financial independence.

This article is mainly for those people who are willing to achieve a work-life balance and establish themselves as professionals too. Before we begin, first let’s discuss the different ways in which you can earn money by sitting at home.

These days’ online job and business opportunities are making rounds on the internet. You keep on getting messages about work from home options. You can either be an entrepreneur, or build up your own business ideas, or get into the world of affiliate marketing to earn commissions through your website. Whatever you begin with, the theory here is to analyze your talents and know your strengths. If you are good at something, prefer making that your work profile.

Let me now introduce you to the various work options you can go for while enjoying a cup of coffee at home.

Be a Blogger

Be a Blogger

You can start your own blog and write about anything you feel like. If you are a foodie, you can be a food blogger, if a travel enthusiast, you can be a travel blogger. If you are an expert on skin-care, start a beauty blog, or if you have a great fashion sense, you can be a fashion blogger. Blogging not only keeps you engaged but initiates a follower list too. You just need to publish regular content on your blog, for your Google AdSense account to get activated. Once it’s approved, money flows in.

A Celebrated You-Tuber

V-blogging is also in trend these days. You can create your own YouTube channel and similarly, post videos on related topics. A beauty channel, a travel channel, or a food channel that the audience would love to watch. Get maximum likes and subscriptions, and you are well to proceed. The only condition is, what goes online has to be authentic and not a copy. You can next apply for YouTube partnership program. Once your channel gets monetized, the purpose is solved. You become a known face and enjoy the perks of being a celebrity.
Blogging is simple, easy, and a great way to make money.

Be an Amazon Seller

Yes, this is happening. You can tie-up with the world’s biggest e-commerce giant and sell your products directly on their website. You just have to register yourself on their website to be a certified Amazon seller. There are certain terms and conditions which you need to fulfil before becoming one. Read more about this on Google before you approach the website. You can earn high amounts with this alliance.

Be an Online Tutor or Open Your Coaching Centre

If you are passionate about teaching and have the excellent subject knowledge, this job is the best for you. There are numerous websites that invite you to be tutors and teach students across the globe. You get paid here on per class or per student basis. Register yourself as a tutor on the respective websites and start teaching students. There are many educational websites like that give you an opportunity to work with them as a tutor coaching interested students.

If you have ample of space at home, you can even begin a coaching class there. Advertise amongst your society and colony people to mark the attendance of interested students. This is also a superb way to earn money and educate students.

Start your Boutique or an Online Store

Fashion is something masses die for. If you have knowledge about the prevailing trend and possess mastery in tailoring and designing, what better than to start your own boutique at home. This is a high money making a business that never fails.

You can also develop your own website, and start an online store where you can sell your stitched clothes and other fashion accessories. Gradually, you can increase the number of products in your online store as soon as you attract enough customers. You don’t need to have much expertise on starting an e-commerce business. A bit of marketing help is required to promote your online business. You can seek guidance from online marketing experts to understand the digital marketing strategy and its functionality. All you need to do is spend some hours on the internet daily and keep updating and upgrading your products. You can just sell anything online and make a lot of money.

Begin a Hobby Class

A dance class, a music class, or a cooking class is also a good idea to begin a hobby class at home. This way you can utilize your hidden talents to skill people and also pursue your dreams simultaneously. An added advantage to earn some quick pounds.

The Mess or Café System

Serve home-made food to students and working professionals without compromising on the quality. You can tie-up with hostels and offices nearby to supply your tiffin or start a small café at home with the takeaway facility. The menu can include breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with lights snacks to offer on the plate.  An affordable business idea to gain huge profits. An amazing way to launch yourself as an entrepreneur.

Open a Crèche

Working parents often struggle to find caring guardians for their children when they are off to work. You can lovingly watch these children, and also have a playful time with them. The payment widely depends on the age, hours, and number of children you manage. By doing this, your own child will have friends to play with.

Become a Freelance Writer

Become a Freelance Writer

There are a number of websites that accept writings in the form of guest posting. A love for writing and an impeccable knowledge of grammar and language can get you paid writing jobs as a freelancer. You can write for different clients, websites, and blogs on your own terms and conditions. Here, you get paid on per word or per article basis.

Sell your Photos

If you an outstanding photographer, and know the right angles to click some beautiful and thoughtful photos, this could be yet another way to shell out money from stock images sites such as and iStock. You can sell your pictures to them and get paid in return after your images get selected.

So now you see, there are so many ideas that you can pick up to become financially independent. It is not always necessary to take up a fixed job when you can become your own boss. You don’t need to leave your house, you don’t need to answer people, and you don’t need to rely on someone.
I would recommend you to do your research properly before you join any of these professions. If planning to start your home-based business, learn about the competitors in your area too. Think unique and out of the box to nail yourself in every job.

All the very best for a prosperous start!

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