How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the MCAT?

One of the most frequently asked questions about MCAT preparation is- how much time a pre-med student needs to prepare for the MCAT. Well, to be very honest, I would like to say that it depends. Yes, it varies from person to person as every person does not have the ability to understand any content at a certain time and to grasp it.

However, we can suggest you an average length of time that you need to prepare for your MCAT and that’s what most of the people will say, I guess.

First of all, you need to spend a lot of time to understand the contents because this test is a content-based. Most of the students spend around 3 to 6 months for the preparation of this particular test, that is minimum 350-400 hours. Now, I can draw a decent picture of the estimated times that will be very helpful for a pre-med student like you to pass the MCAT courses.

Before getting started, you need to choose the best MCAT preparation course that suits your reading style along with your lifestyle. Make sure you utilize the time you spend on the MCAT preparation. Here are some tips to get prepared for the MCAT within your time limit:

1. Maintain a Routine

In my opinion, I think 3-4 months is enough for a student to get prepared for the MCAT. By this time, you can be completely ready for the exam if you maintain a routine regularly.


If you have other works to do too, make sure you finish them by day time and then spend the night for MCAT preparation. Read one passage every day spending 30 minutes. You should spend 25-30 hours on verbal test preparation over your entire study period.

2. Get Yourself Familiar with the Course Materials

Before starting for the preparation, take some time to know how much you are familiar with the course materials. It’s good if you already are familiar with the MCAT science contents, but if not, then you need to add a few more hours to your routine.

Then it’s time to understand the contents and then memorize them. If you cannot memorize too much information, don’t worry. Always think that if you cannot remember everything, then no one is going to do that. Everyone has a limit. Re-read the highlighted contents before the final exam.

3. Study Regularly and Effectively

If you are planning to study 10 hours a day, then you will be frustrated within a short time. Study 5 hours a day and never stop doing this till the exam date. Always read effectively and avoid unnecessary chapter which is nothing but a waste of time.  Never try to grab too much information at a time. Read slowly but steadily.

Besides, you need to:

  • Take at least 5-6 full-time demo exam
  • Spend time for watching MCAT video tutorials
  • Solve as much practice questions as possible and identify your strength as well as weakness and work on your weakness carefully to solve them
  • Review flashcards and write out every time you read something
  • Work sincerely on practice questions every day
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