How Good workplace productivity Grow your Business

What is Productivity?

The act of implementing and moving forward with your business goals. It includes :

  1. Exploring or Booking new clients
  2. Working on projects or services
  3. Distilling your business plan
  4. Managing your staff
  5. Directing your financials with selecting right business accounting software.

Are you Productive or Busy? ask yourself, if you are busy from day to night but your business isn’t growing steadily, it indicates that you are just busy, not productive. Being productive means you have to work smarter, not harder or to be truly productive means you must be efficient.

Being Busy is a form of Laziness- Lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being selective- doing less – is the path of the productive. Lack of time is actually a lack of priorities.”

~ Tim Ferriss

Ways to Increase workplace Productivity in small business –

Choose Right software and equipment:

Choosing a right software and equipment for your business means performing your duty efficiently and on time. Overcomplicated tools or harsh software totally waste your work efforts and time. Select Software that perfectly fit for your business. For example, Every Business must need an accounting software to manage their yearly budget so while selecting it you consider all your business work requirements related to the accounting.

Set priorities:

Prioritizing task is important, it helps to achieve our day to day goals. Setting priorities refers to time management skills. Set first priority to the tasks which is the longest and the most urgent. If you start out your work from unordered to- do list it can do more harm than good. It is important to cover all your to-do list task if one of them remain undone then it will harm the business.

Improve workplace and condition:

A Good workplace environment directly deals with workplace productivity. Your workplace environment should not contain any type of distraction like a temperature of the working environment is between 60- 70 degree F (20-21C). It may not be too cold and too hot if it so then it will distract your employees and they spend their more time walking around to get their coats or an electric fan. Remember one important thing that surrounds your workplace environment with positivity which is also a good sign for the business growth. A stressful workplace does not yield productivity.

Ensure Employees are happy:

Employees are very crucial part of any organization or business. Always appreciates, respect and value the work of the employee. They can be more productive when they know how their work affects the growth of the business. Always maintain good healthy communication with your employees. Give them a reward for their good work.

Breaks :

Remember breaks are equally important as work, it becomes hectic when you continue doing work without taking a break. Encourage staff taking a regular break so they feel energetic and become more productive in their work.It is important to step away sometimes from the office desk and connected with others. Breaks are important for our body and its creativity.

Conclusion :

There is no one size fits all approach to productivity. Instead, we need personalized approaches. This means employing work strategies that align with our own cognitive styles and allocating efforts in a way that suits our strengths and preferences. Approaching tasks like this will go a long way towards building effective communication, collaboration, and productivity amongst your team.

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