Harley-Davidson Recommended Service Intervals

Buying a Harley-Davidson is a good but big investment. We are totally aware of how bike-lovers can’t resist when they hear the rumbling of a Harley engine. Following the service checklist of Harley Davidson, is the most perfect way of keeping your bike in the best of its condition & prevent all types of mechanical problems on the road. Moreover, the Service Checklist ensures your safety. It is essentially important to reference your bike’s manual for the service checkpoints that uniquely suit your model.

You can make your way easily through minor repairs & upgrades, but we would recommend you to get the dedicated maintenance intervals through some certified Harley Mechanic. As a general tip you should carry essential bike repair tools if you are going on long road trips in Harley Davison luggage to prevent all the uncertain issues. Here is a general outline of mileage milestones & prescribed Harley maintenance tasks.

1)  Harley-Davidson 1,000-Mile Service Checklist

You probably have been enjoying the ride of your new Harley Davidson bike & have smoothly hit the 1,000-mile pointer. Here comes the time when you should get your bike serviced! 1000 Mile Service Checklist tones your bike’s performance & gets you enjoying the smoother rider.

The heart of your bike is its engine, and what keeps the engine running? oil! The running theme in your bike’s Service Checklist in order to make it run smoothly is to replace the engine oil & filter. The moving parts of your bike’s engine get lubricated by the engine oil, it reduces the friction, serves as a coolant, also harnesses debris & allows internal combustion. It performs a lot of major duties that keeps your bike running. For formulation of maximized performance. Your engine oil does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one. It should be the right one.

  • Change engine oil & oil filter
  • Inspect the oil lines, brake system and air cleaner
  • Replace the primary chain case lubricant, adjust primary chain & clean magnetic drain plug
  • Recheck its clutch adjustment
  • Check/adjust rear-drive belt
  • Replace transmission lubricant and inspect the brake pads, brake fluid reservoir levels & condition & discs for wear
  • Inspect all kinds of leaks in the lubricants
  • Make sure you lubricate following: hand lever, front brake, throttle control cables, throttle, clutch control & jiffy stand
  • Check the spark plugs and tire pressure
  • Check & cleanse all the battery connections. Also inspect the operation of all electrical parts & switches & engine mounts
  • Inspect the tightness of critical fasteners
  • Inspect the exhaust system thoroughly for any kind of leaks, cracks, & lose fasteners
  • Check the engine idle speed
  • Road test

2)  Harley Davidson 5,000 Mile Service Checklist

If you are done with Harley Davidson 1000 Miles Service Checklist, gladly you have swiped some more miles under your belt. Next service check comes in when your pointer touches 5,000 miles. If you usually travel for longer trips and carry your thing in Harley Davidson Sissy Bar bags do not forget to keep small things in check. Periodically, check tires, Road snakes, and tough road conditions etc.

  • Change the Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Check Brake System: including brake pads, oil lines, disc and fluid reservoir
  • Check the Air Filter
  • Inspect the Tires, their pressure and tightness of wheel spokes
  • Run a check on Clutch: adjust & lubricate, brake, clutch controls and throttle
  • Inspect Rear Drive Belt & Sprockets
  • Inspect the Fuel Valve, Lines & Fittings, make sure if there is any leak
  • Check the Spark Plugs
  • Check the Air Suspension
  • Inspect the Operation of all Electrical Equipment and switches
  • Inspect your bike’s Exhaust System: check the leaks, cracks & loose or missing fasteners and heat shields
  • Road Test

3)  Harley Davidson 10,000 Mile Service Checklist

Here is the 10,000-mile harley davidson service checklist. We are hopeful that you’re enjoying your ride at its best! Here ‘s a note: get your battery inspected annually no matter how many miles you have covered.

  • Change the Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Check the Brake System including the brake pads, oil lines, disc and fluid reservoir
  • Check the Air Filter
  • Inspect the tires: pressure, tightness of wheel spokes and tread,
  • Inspect the Primary Chain – adjust, lubricant, clean as required
  • Inspect your Clutch: adjust, lubricate, brake, clutch controls and throttle
  • Check the Rear Drive Belt & Sprockets
  • Check & adjust belt
  • Review all the fuel Valve, Lines & Fittings, check if there is any leaks
  • Check Spark Plugs
  • Check the Air Suspension
  • Review the operation of all the Electrical Equipment & Switches
  • Check Tightness of the Critical Fasteners
  • Inspect the Exhaust System
  • Road Test


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