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Our lives had changed in a lot of ways when it came to now versus our lives a decade ago. The transformation in our lives is mainly because of the emergence of on-demand apps that have changed the way services were rendered. From ride share app to food and then from beauty to groceries, everything is available at the fingertips of the customers. Now, apart from these, there is another service that is blooming, and it is the on-demand medicine delivery services. Just like the next level convenience of any other on-demand services, this service not just lets the users order but they can get their medicines delivered at their doorstep.

On-Demand Medicine Delivery Market

The market for both the iOS and Android apps are on the rise for the medicine delivery apps, and many tech-savvy entrepreneurs are looking for ways to invest and reap huge benefits in the medical sector with the on-demand pharmacy app development for providing give-and-take benefits to both the users and healthcare providers by creating medicine shop design.

If you have any doubts regarding what these health apps foresee, then here comes the report by Statista. It has been reported that the market will grow up to a revenue of $100 billion by 2025.

Now you might have confused about why these apps are so popular. Well, the explanation is coming right up.

Businesses won’t have to invest much for getting a handsome return from these apps. It is because of the fact that customers are taking complete advantage of these apps to get their medicines right away. One other point to be remembered is that users will return to use an app only if the app is user-friendly and intuitive. These on-demand apps are best in class in providing exactly that.

Scroll Down to Know About the Key Benefits of the App

Quick delivery- Users can get their medication using the app instantly. Just a few taps, and they can quickly order prescription medicines. They don’t have to endure longer and frustrating queues for hours within the hospitals, and neither do they have to walk all the way to pharmacies. It is a massive help to those who can’t get their medicines because of ill health. Not to forget that the elders can also buy using the apps. Either they can learn the functionality or ask their relatives to order for them.

Comprehensive descriptions- The on-demand medicine delivery app, as it offers details about the medicine before making the purchase, is an efficient way of letting them know about the significance. The app provides a description and facts of the medication for the user along with side effects, ingredients used to manufacture that medicine.

Order tracking- Just like every on-demand app, this app also contains this useful feature, where users and pharmacies can both benefit. Customers can track the order with ease, and pharmacies can keep track of their shipment details, distributors, and salesperson.

Special offers and discounts- It helps users to access deals and attractive offers without hassles. It is one of the excellent ways to boost sales and also to increase the trust level with the users as well. The users can also enjoy the loyal points as rewards for every purchase done through the app or for every recommendation.

Connection with local pharmacies- Users can connect and buy medicines instantly from the stores nearby.

Exemplary Features Entwined with Uber for Medicine App

By now, it is evident that the on-demand medicine delivery apps are providing services to a more extensive customer base. Instead of having to wait for long hours at the hospitals or pharmacies, they can stay at their safe havens and get the medicines delivered.

Attractive vouchers- The users of the on-demand medicine delivery app can earn massive vouchers or points after every service they use. Healthcare providers and medical providers can both provide cashback and impressive discounts whenever the user places an order on the app. Users can score decent savings by making online purchases through this app on any purchase.

Doorstep deliveries- Doorstep delivery is what strengthens the bond between most apps and its customers. It is one of the many services that come in handy for any users using a pharmacy drug delivery. With the help of the application, without any hassles of finding the right location, the healthcare providers can instantly deliver the listed medicines.

Online consultation- Using the app, customers can consult specialists and also any healthcare professionals online. The features such as chats, video chatting with a 24/7 helpline can all be utilized by the users. In case of emergencies, the users can chat with physicians or pharmacists. Users can chat or call healthcare specialists at any time of the day.

Return policy- Though it is a rare case, if users find any problem with the order, they can return the medicine, or they can even file complaints. The return policy of the app is facilitated such that the user gets the amount within the next few days.

Reminder- This feature helps users in reminding them about the refill order or while there is a shortage of a particular kind of medicine. A reminder call is sent to the healthcare provider in advance. The app users are free to set the reminders according to their preferences every month. 


Look at How the App Works for Users ?

  • User registration- The user needs to register in the app to use it. All the personal details of the user need to be set as a first and foremost step.
  • Profile- This is where the user will add basic information about themselves like name, residential address, and contact details. For particular uses, the users can also state the medication that they use every day and the physician who preferred it to them.
  • Medicine’s description- Users can save the drugs that are prescribed to them by the healthcare provider or their physician in the app.
  • Order online- Ordering the drugs can be quickly done by just going through the available medicines and placing the order instantly.
  • Add to cart- Users can add the medicines to the cart swiftly and order them when required.
  • Cancel order- Users can cancel their orders at any time when they feel.
  • Track stores- Users can track the pharmaceutical store that is located nearby and can purchase the prescribed drugs online.
  • In-app chat- Users can chat or discuss their medication with various medical doctors and clinical nutritionists.
  • Payments- Users can pay for the orders effortlessly with the app’s integrated payment gateways.

Let’s take a peek at the various panels and the features that tag along with them:

Pharmacy panel

  • Login/Registration
  • Order notification
  • Dynamic interface
  • Digital prescription
  • Payments
  • Analytics
  • Push notification
  • Manage store details

Customer panel

  • Login/Registration
  • Maintain profile
  • Add prescription
  • Search medicines
  • Order medicines
  • Pay for orders
  • Order history
  • Avail discounts and offers
  • Reminders

Admin panel

  • Dashboard
  • Payment gateway
  • Real-time analytics
  • Navigation
  • Track earnings
  • Contact support
  • Support

The features are the pillar of success to any app. Though these are the basic features of any on-demand medicine delivery app, you get complete liberty in adding more enthralling features to your app if you try the on-demand pharmacy app development solutions. Obviously, you could try building the app from scratch, but purchasing a solution is a far better and wiser way to choose.


We hope that this blog has been like a navigation guide for you by laying out how important and beneficial the Uber for medicine app can be. So break a leg by launching a premium app right now!

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