1What benefits should i expect to see by doing a guest posting?
Not only does our guest posting service provide your website with a high-quality link from an authoritative blog in your niche, but it also helps you on several other levels. By distributing exceptional content we help to establish your site as an authority within its niche, as well as helping to increase your brand awareness. All of the blogs we contribute to making use of social share buttons, so our service will help you to build your social engagement too!
2What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by Credit or Debit Card, and PayPal. If you are placing a large order we can invoice you and accept payment via bank transfer if you prefer.
3Which query should we use to find a guest post websites?
These are the guest post search operators that you can use: Your Keyword “guest post” Your Keyword “write for us” Your Keyword “guest article” Your Keyword “this is a guest post by” Your Keyword “contributing writer” Your Keyword “want to write for” Your Keyword “submit blog post” Your Keyword “contribute to our site” Your Keyword “guest column” Your Keyword “submit content” Your Keyword “submit your content” Your Keyword “submit post” Your Keyword “This post was written by” Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of ” Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines” Your Keyword “suggest a post” Your Keyword “submit an article” Your Keyword “contributor guidelines” Your Keyword “contributing writer” Your Keyword “submit news” Your Keyword “become a guest blogger” Your Keyword “guest blogger” Your Keyword “guest posts wanted” Your Keyword “looking for guest posts” Your Keyword “guest posts wanted” Your Keyword “guest poster wanted” Your Keyword “accepting guest posts” Your Keyword “writers wanted” Your Keyword “articles wanted” Your Keyword “become an author” Your Keyword “become guest writer” Your Keyword “become a contributor” Your Keyword “submit guest post” Your Keyword “submit an article” Your Keyword “submit article” Your Keyword “guest author” Your Keyword “send a tip” Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger” Your Keyword inurl: “guest post” allintitle: Your Keyword + guest post
4How long should my posts be?
800-1,200 words. (But really 800-1,000)
5Should I pitch you with my idea before writing the post?
Yes. You’ll pitch your idea via email to Director of Content Marketing, Mihir Patel([email protected]). In your pitch include the basic concept, a potential headline, why you are qualified to write it and any writing examples you have published prior. Patel will review your pitch and then schedule a time to discuss over the email. Just because we heard your pitch, made suggestions and gave you a preliminary deadline does not mean we will publish your post. The final decision won’t be made until we see the final product.
6What should my bio say?
We believe a bio says a lot about the personality of the writer, so in 2-3 short sentences make it memorable. Include two links to your social media profiles so people can find and follow you after appreciating your writing.
7Why in the world would I want to write for you instead of just posting on my own blog?
Good question! The simple answer is reach & exposure, you’ll reach a new audience of people interested in the same things you are and be able to expose your talents and blog writing skill to them. Since you will be able to have two links to your blog and link to two of your social media profiles in your bio, you should also gain valuable traffic and SEO power. Don’t just take our word for it, read these guys who say guest blogging is cool and beneficial: The Top 5 Benefits of Guest Blogging The Real Benefits of Guest Blogging 10 major Benefits of Guest Blogging
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