Download Gmail Archive Email: Quick and Easy Steps

There are important conversations saved in a company mailbox. There contains crucial communication between client and customers. These need to be backed up properly for security and transfer purposes. There are techniques to download Gmail Archive email locally in a few simple steps. These can help to save all the emails in one go. There are simple instructions to perform this task. All of which have been mentioned in this post. There are manual procedures which can be performed in few simple steps. Continue reading to find out all the necessary information related to it.

What is Google Takeout?

This is a service provided for Gmail users to download data to desktop PC. It can help export information selectively from Google products such as Youtube, GDrive, photos, Books, Maps, profile, Hangouts, Contacts etc. A ZIP file is created for all the data stored within. There are options to sub-option within many categories. A user can even select from different Chrome settings and specific calendar to export.

Reasons to Download Gmail Archive

Following are some of the grounds for saving email conversations to Windows PC:

  • It can be used for migrating mailbox from Gmail to another email platform like Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
  • It can even be helpful for archival and data storage needs of a company.
  • This can be used to backup Gmail emails for compliance and security needs.
  • It can be used to reference old conversations in case of infection or wrongful deletion.
  • It can be used to store important conversations separately for legal evidence collection.
  • It can be used to extract messages to file in order to investigate a cybercrime.
  • It can be used by analysts in a forensic research to properly identify a cause for a data breach or possible hack.

Manual Steps to Download Gmail Archive Email

Following are the instructions to move all the conversations to desktop PC:

  • First, sign-in to the Google Mail account using Gmail username and password.
  • Then, go to takeout page from the link given here. The page will look somewhat like the image below:


  • From the ‘Select data to Include’ section, click on the ‘Select None’ button.
  • Then, just mark the box for Mail option and click on the Next

  • From the ‘Customize Archive Format’ screen, leave the File size as is. A user can change the size to what they think is appropriate considering their mailbox data being

  • Then, click on the Create Archive option to continue with backup Gmail data.
  • Then, a notification such as an image below will be shown. A link to the ZIP archive will be sent to the user’s mailbox.

  • It will be delivered in two or three hours depending upon the amount of data being downloaded.


Limitations of Manual Method

  • It can be confusing and tricky for a non-technical businessman. The manual method to backup Gmail data can be technical jargon for a regular person.
  • These are risky steps which require a basic understanding of the underlying concept. It must be followed with help from an expert or performed under supervision if new to all this.


Classic Way to Backup Gmail Mailbox items

There are techniques to download complete conversations from Google mailbox. These are professional tools that provide a workaround to archive a single account. One such software is the SysTools Gmail Backup. It can help free up server space using the ‘Delete After Download’ option. It easily backup Gmail account data into multiple classic file formats i.e. PST/EML/MBOX/MSG. This is a data file used by Outlook. the tool itself is a stand-alone program which can work without any prerequisites. The utility can work all available versions of Windows & Mac OS


There are conversations that need to be extracted in order for any mailbox migration. There are ways to transfer complete database and save it to the desktop. There are methods to download Gmail Archive email manually. Instructions for it have been mentioned in this post. There are techniques to move the email messages, contacts, bookmarks, calendars to a ZIP file. All the necessary information related to it has been mentioned in the post. There is an alternative workaround suggested which can work just as efficiently. There is a demo version which can be downloaded for free from the website.


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