Does Invisalign Work Efficiently?

The commitment of the Invisalign makes the people fall into trouble! They are only thinking about the possibility of straight teeth without any metal wires, brackets and pain. As it has been invented only a few decades ago people are still in doubt regarding its efficiency.

Despite of the devoted effort and time to develop this clear aligner it is hard to believe it can straight teeth relatively faster than metallic braces. Well, let’s check whether the statement is a fact or not from this post!

Is Invisalign Worked Effectively?

A common misconception is there about aligner that it only works for minor orthodontic problems. The fact is it can correct minor, moderate and some severe dental problems at the same time which can’t be fixed by metal braces. Along with metal braces certain severe orthodontic issues are corrected with the assistance of dreaded headgear, expanders and spacers.

Crooked, gapped and crowded teeth can be restored perfectly by Invisalign as metal wires and brackets. When it was introduced for the very first time, it was able to address a couple of dental problems. As days passing by it starts accounting more complex orthodontic problems.

But yet extremely complicated cases still need metallic braces to fix. Nowadays, orthodontists also have certain options including elastics, buttons, movements and attachments to carry out the treatment.

Invisalign is an outstanding option for correcting a gamut of orthodontic issues ranging from protruding teeth to crooked teeth and other serious issues like underbite, overbite and malocclusion. However, Invisalign perfectly deals with overbite and gapped teeth. In fact, it is a great option indeed to correct crossbite and overcrowded teeth as well.

Remember, if these issues are not taken into account on time, they can lead to potential tooth loss followed by gum disease and tooth decay. To visit an orthodontist for this treatment, check out the most reliable Invisalign doctor site for an appointment.

How Invisalign Performs?

Traditional braces utilize a metallic hard wire to pull or push the teeth into its desirable position. Unlike that, Invisalign treatment involves a series of aligners which will exert optimal pressure letting the teeth to shift their own position.

3D technology of Invisalign accomplishes the orthodontist in the creation of your treatment plan in concise manner. Teeth impressions and X-rays will be used for the creation of 3D image to continue with the treatment procedure so that they get straightened in the end.

On completion of the explicit plan, the very first aligner set will be made so that it custom fits on your teeth. You have to visit the orthodontist at regular interval of 2 weeks to replace the old aligner set with a new one. Also, orthodontist stipulates the Invisalign due to its clear plastic body that influences natural teeth straightening at normal pace.

This is quite slower than that of the metal braces. But a majority of orthodontic patients have revealed that they experience less pain, sore and discomfort with Invisalign in contrary to that of the conventional braces.

You are going to enjoy a number of benefits with this aligner including easy removal process during cleaning, eating and brushing. As the name suggest they are quire invisible to eyes from a distance diminishing the self-consciousness of the patient when speaking or smiling in public with wires.

With the incision of Invisalign teen, now teen can tend towards teeth straightening treatment hassle-free. However, your orthodontist will instruct you how to clean the braces and significance of following daily oral care routine to accelerate the treatment process to some extent.

Reasons Behind Invisalign Failure

The key reason of its downfall is people fail to meet its extreme level of compliance. As they are allowed to pop out the trays anytime anywhere, they wish, they often neglect its wearing hours which hinder the treatment procedure.

It will be only effective in displaying the outcome if worn for long 20-22 hours on a daily basis. If the wearing time gets affected for any cause little to no result can be acquired by the patient. In fact, their teeth will not shift or move to its desired position at all.

The dental patients who promote themselves to plastic retainers from metal braces put off the retainers at the end of the day. This is so; because it makes them feel uncomfortable and tight. Furthermore, with retainers the teeth receive their momentum within 24 hours at the same time. Also, they remain loyal to its compliance of treatment regulations.

In case the Invisalign is not worn major part of the time, then no movement is possible for the teeth. Remember, Invisalign can be put off only at the time of eating and brushing.

Otherwise, metal brace is the most ideal option for you! However, after opting to metal braces you have to comply with the cleaning routine and dietary restrictions. So, at the end, just follow the instructions strictly provided by the orthodontist to continue the teeth straightening treatment at regular rate!

No matter which orthodontic solution has been offered to you but in most cases retainer must be worn for a specific time frame. Although annoying yet it is the most essential secondary step towards your teeth straightening treatment. On completion of the first phase of treatment with braces retainers assist in holding the new as well as desired position of the teeth for the final outcome.

On the basis of the patient’s dental condition, wearing of the retainer will be figured. Some patients have to wear on top or bottom of the teeth or sometimes both. During the first few days try to keep it into the mouth throughout the day and night. The treatment’s plan differs in terms of severity of the orthodontic problem and the significance of the retainer.

Kinds of Retainers

Retainers are available in two kinds- fixed and removable. The fixed one is designed to be worn for long years and is cemented to the back of the teeth. On the other hand removable retainer is designed to put on only for a year.

Retainers are developed using:

  • Clear- Molded clear plastic is used for making this retainer type which perfectly fits over the teeth. This is more preferable just because it is less visible to others.
  • Acrylic- Most usual retainer type made from acrylic and bendable wires. These adjustable retainers can be available in various styles and colors.

Metal Braces or Invisalign: Which Performs Better?

If your orthodontic problem can be restored with both metal braces and Invisalign, then you have the chance to pick one on the basis of how much you can comply with the Invisalign rules. Invisalign treats the problem faster than the metal braces and comes with no discomfort and easy removal method.

So, you can clean the trays and eat as you want easily. As it is expensive any minimum discrepancy can impact the price of teeth straightening solution.

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