Do this 10 Morning Activities to Kick Start Your Day with Positive Vibes

Some days your morning begins before the alarm goes off. Or sometimes the first rays of sun fall on your face and then you smile gleefully. You feel motivated and perhaps get moving for jogging.

But not every day you will be supercharged. At times you keep on pressing the snooze button and become lazy. You don’t feel like coming out of your bed. The energy is all drained.

Even if you are over thinking or perhaps stressed out this could badly affect your health. Moreover, you’ll lose the willpower as well. Thus resulting in negative vibes.

When you experience such things, don’t freak out, since we are here to help you out. We have collected 10-morning activities for you that will start your day in a right manner. Here, take a look.

1) Drink a Glass of Water

First and foremost, Water is important. We get dehydrated during the night. Therefore, you need to fill your thirst with the water. Add cucumber, mint, and lime and drink it up.

This will also help you to improve your digestive system and of course metabolism.

2) Meditation/Yoga

Our mind thinks about lots of stuff. Heck, the unwanted ones as well. We may try to discard those thoughts, but eventually, they stuck in our mind.  Because of which there isn’t any creativity or gusto left.

To make your day more productive one should commence the day by quieting the mind. Calm down. Relax. Breathe in and breathe out. That’s it. It will help you think clearly and mirror to the inner self.

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3) Soft Exercise

Sweating undoubtedly rewards you some amazing healthy points. Exercise release chemical called Endorphins which will help you out in reducing the pain and increases your stamina.

Moreover, they can also decrease the stress and balance the hormones. You can go for an early morning job or even stretch a bit there are loads of exciting things to do in the morning.

4) Get Outside in the Sun

Do you want to make your workout even better and more enthusiastic? Then all you need is to go outside and get the sunlight. It actually tells you to follow the body clock.

However one needs to make sure that they are not being exposed too much at the natural light. Else it will trigger problems like depression and low energy.

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5) Resist the Snooze

Giving yourself a few extra minutes may sound really good and comfortable for you. But, It is not. That’s because in those 10 minutes you get low quality sleep.

Repeating this every day might damage your sleeping cycle. Keeping your metabolism, sleep schedule, circadian rhythm running efficiently, feeling energized – avoid hitting the snooze button again and again.

6) Make Coffee or Tea at Home

There is the lot of people out there for whom the day begins with the right cuppa of coffee or tea whichever they prefer. Don’t miss out it has some health benefits too when taken in the right amount.

Nowadays green tea is in a trend which comes in many flavors. Wondering what to do early in the morning? Then, Give a try and you’ll be saving a lot of money.

7) Take a Healthy Breakfast

You get your energy from food particularly the healthy food. The metabolism works best in morning. Hence it should be heavy, healthy and at the proper time.

There are few research that says if you skip the breakfast you are bound to overeat later. Include some protein, fat, fruits, whole grains or anything you love.

8) Spend at Least 15-20 Minute with Family or Friends

Having breakfast with your family is one of the most loving things which everyone should follow. Or catch up with a friend for brunch. You should take out at least 15-20 minutes with your family and friends.

Being with them will cheer you up. Also, you can have conversations. Mind you, talking negative will also leave an impact resulting from less productivity and do opposite of your mood.

9) Stay Unplugged from Tech

We spend most of our time sticking faces into the cell phones, laptop, and other tech stuff. I Am not saying that you should stop totally. Still, you can unplug yourself from all focus on yourself.

You’ll be able to think about your goals, have meaningful conversations and of course, spend time with your own.  Relatively not using the tech will also provide relaxation to mind.

10) Make a to-do List of Your Work

This simple and easy task of making your to-do list will propel you towards your goal. This clearly doesn’t mean you gotta pen down every single task of yours. Instead write down the major tasks a day ahead.

Lay down your clothes, breakfast ingredients, and all other necessary things. What really matters is to give your best in completing the tasks.

Morning is the time where you begin your day. And if it turns out bad then it can really set off your mood throughout the day.

The choices you make are totally dependent on you. But we can help you a bit no? Hence, follow the above blog and make your day delightfully delightful.


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