Develop a Highly Reliable Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp

Hello! Not even a day passes by without us relying on instant messaging apps. These apps with varied features make us cling to them to share messages and make calls. The past decades never knew that instant messaging apps would completely transform traditional ways of communication.

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have brought us the sophistication of communicating with people effortlessly. Right from sending messages to making calls, these apps are so reliable and easy-to-use. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps with a user base of over 1.5 billion people among the instant messaging apps. Though many messaging apps started springing up in the market, WhatsApp made it to the top, beating away all its competitors.

Downtime For WhatsApp – A Great Deal?

As we all are aware of the recent striking news that took rounds on the Internet. Yes, the changes in the privacy policy led users to choose alternative messaging apps. In the series of hunts for a secured messaging app, Telegram and Signal came into the spotlight. The hunt didn’t stop with just these two apps, but users are still looking out for messaging apps that don’t compromise their private data.

This situation turned out to be a favorable one for many business professionals, including newbie entrepreneurs like you. Since there prevails a need for an alternative to WhatsApp, why shouldn’t you consider developing the WhatsApp clone? Not sure? The upcoming sections will feed you about the development of the WhatsApp like app.

How To Turn Users To Your Instant Messaging App?

First, let us analyze what made users rely on WhatsApp. The app has multiple yet exciting features and an easy-to-understand interface. These are the key features that attracted people to use the app. Other than these features, one thing that arrested users’ attention is the “free to use” plan of the app. Users don’t have to pay for any subscription. So, while planning out to develop your messaging app, make sure you consider the above-said points.

Also, you have to take into account the massive amount of users leaving the app due to privacy issues. While developing the app, ensure that you fix all the privacy issues, thereby making the app more user-friendly and secured.

Impressive Features of the WhatsApp Clone

The user base of any app is based on how appealing it is. Features of the app are one of the influencing factors to attract users. Therefore, while developing the app, give attention to the feature-set. Now, we shall what are all the features available in the WhatsApp clone script.


The story feature gathers the attention of users as everyone is likely to upload status almost every day.

Group chat

Group chatting appeals to users as they can indulge in conversation with multiple friends. Other than casual conversations, group chat is used for professional purposes. In organizations and institutions, people create groups, add members, and make it easy for them to communicate.

Media and file sharing

Instant messaging apps are not limited to just sending out and receiving messages. Besides, they provide media and file-sharing of any format. The app supports different file formats like PDF, Word, JPEG, PNG, etc.,

Video and voice calling

The app is just incomplete without the options for making video and voice calls. Whenever users want to see their friends’ ugly faces, they can tap on the video call feature.

Location sharing

With the app, users can share their current and live location with other users. The app is integrated with Google maps that make it easy to share location information promptly.

Emojis and GIFs

With the bunch of emoticons and GIFs available, users can make their conversations more exciting and funny. Also, the app has several packages of stickers to add more spark to their conversation.

Privacy settings

The list of privacy features will make users pay heed to your app. Restrict the privacy data that you collect from users. Report and block will also fall under the privacy settings. When a user finds a contact to be spam, they can report or block them right away.

Peak Advantages of Adopting Clone App Solution

The clone app development is considered to be the most affordable app development for a newbie entrepreneur. Other than the cost of development, there are many other benefits which are listed below.

Turnkey solution

The clone app is basically ready-made so that you can launch the app into the AppStores within a few days.


Though the clone apps are ready-made, you can still make customizations. You can list out the features or any other functionality to be added to the app, and the developers’ team will implement the same.

White label

If the app is white-labeled, you can rebrand it with your brand name, logo, and launch. White-labeling indicates the ownership of the app to the investor.


Winding up, I hope that the blog will inspire you to go ahead with the WhatsApp clone app development. Take your time to analyze the business market, know your competitors, and launch the app.

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