Cooking Healthy Food: Kitchen Tools Every Cook Must Have

At the end of a hectic day, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to make a healthy meal. While ordering in once in a while is understandable, making it a habit can compromise your healthy diet. With the right kitchen tools, you will be encouraged to ditch the takeout menu for some delicious, healthy food.

Eating food you’ve prepared at home is always the best option than taking out or ready to eat meals bought from the supermarket. However, healthy eating can quickly become a casualty if you have a busy schedule day in, day out. That said, with handy kitchen gadgets, home cooking will become a breeze. Stocking your kitchen with the right tools will enable you to put together mouth-watering, healthy meals in no time. Each of the tools we’ve compiled in this article will get you excited every time to make wholesome meals right from the comfort of your kitchen, so you won’t have to fall back on frozen dinners or fast foods any time soon. Let’s get started.

Chef’s Knife

A knife is usually one of the most basic kitchen tools. There’s always something in every meal you make that needs dicing or chopping. But why own a set of knives that might end up dusty in your kitchen cabinets year after year. Holding a knife with multipurpose functions is the key to fast preparation while saving on space and money.

Being something that you’d use a lot, it’s best to find the right-sized knife, probably large but not too large to make it easy to control. With a good knife, you can get rid of your chopping frustrations while prepping your delicious meals.

Food Processor

Healthy eating will impact your life positively. But the thought of making food all the time can be exhausting with all the cutting and juicing. As such, a food processor is one of the must-have kitchen tools for whipping up healthy meals.

How much easier can healthy eating get? There’s no excuse for eating takeout when you have a kitchen appliance that can chop up all your ingredients, juice your fruits and vegetables, grind your nuts, and mincemeat. A food processor is something to add to your kitchen tools list because whipping up meals just became fun and easy.

Herb Keeper

The hardest part about wanting to eat vegetables often is keeping them fresh for longer. There’s barely any time left between work, picking your kids from school, and house chores to pass by the convenience or grocery store every day. 

With a myriad of kitchen tools and equipment to make your life easier, the herb keeper has to be one of the best creations. With this tool, you can stock herbs and veggies to last you a whole week and more without worrying about them going bad.

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Nonstick Skillet

The first thing about cooking at home is getting motivation. Owning a cooking pot that doesn’t let food stick to it while cooking means easy cleaning and less scratching. Since cleaning time has been reduced and cooking made more effortless with a nonstick skillet, which will stop you from taking control of your diet. 

Besides, a nonstick pot requires less cooking oil. And that’s great for healthy eating since you’ll cut on the number of calories you’re getting in. If this isn’t among the kitchen tools sets on your wish list, you will forever miss out on easy food making.


Knowing how eating vegetables or even getting your kids to live that kind of healthy life can be challenging, so having your veggies look cool could help a great deal. With a spiralizer, you can make curly noodles from vegetables such as zucchini to replace pasta. That way, you and your family will be able to cut on carbs in a fun way.

A spiralizer is one of the kitchen designer tools that makes preparing beautiful, appetizing meals as easy as pie. And while you might not be aware, it motivates you to make healthy food because who wouldn’t want to eat pretty veggie pasta? Fun fact—a spiralizer is among kitchen tools names not known by most who didn’t attend culinary school.

Wooden spoons and spatulas

Wooden Spoons

If you’re wondering what cooking utensils last longer, wooden kitchen tools would make it top on the list. Wooden spoons are not harsh on your cooking pots and dishes, and better yet, will last a lifetime, as long as you don’t store them in moisture or soak them in your dishwasher.

Make sure you purchase a set of wooden spoons to suit all your cooking needs. That way, you can enjoy making different healthy foods without worrying about ruining your utensils or cookware.


Perhaps you’re not a great healthy foodie but would love to try the healthy lifestyle once in a while. In that case, a steamer is one of the essential kitchen tools you should invest in, and this is why. The benefits that come with steaming vegetables are uncountable. While steaming, you save the fiber and conserve texture, moisture, and mostly the flavor. On that note, you can improve your nutrition and eventually live a healthy life. So why not add this to your cart the next time you’re shopping.

Instant Pot

If you find yourself eating out a lot because you’re pressed for time, then this is among the kitchen tools made just for you. The pressure cooker, a steamer, slow cooker, and some brands also serving as a yogurt maker on the same appliance will reduce your food-making time by up to 70 percent. The nutritional advantage of owning such a cooking gadget is that it retains and conserves vitamins and nutrients while ensuring deep and fast cooking.


Experience the pleasure of peeling with a peeler. This little tool quickly cuts away peels of all sorts of vegetables and fruits that require peeling. In addition, a peeler only removes the outer skin and not much fruit or vegetable beyond it. Another plus of getting a peeler is that it makes skinning your veggies and fruits a total breeze.

Food Scale

Made to take the guesswork out of measurements, a food scale will help you manage your diet if you’re super conscious about your fitness and weight. A food scale will ensure you account for the actual number of nutrients and calories you’re ingesting. One thing to note is that even with a food scale, you’ll still need progressive kitchen tools such as a measuring cup. A measuring cup will come in handy as it’s a lot faster compared to weighing every time.

Kitchen tools

Mixing Bowls

Most people think mixing bowls are just for baking, but you can also use them to dress your veggies, mix salad dressing, and even marinate. With the perfect mixing bowl, you can enjoy making your food and reduce the number of times you eat takeout.

Nothing beats the food you create at home. Home-made food puts you in control of the ingredients and the amount to add. Why not gift yourself a glass or porcelain bowl and enjoy making your favorite vegetable salad. 

The Bottom Line

It’s a fact that cooking at home saves money and time. Besides, it’s way healthier than most restaurant or packaged meals. Therefore, if you want an easy and convenient time in your kitchen, it’s essential to get the best kitchen tools. Go right ahead and support your healthy eating by stocking up on the list of our extremely efficient tools. Please let us know how our kitchen tools have been beneficial to you.

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