Buying New Office Furniture? Here Are The Dos and Don’ts

Buying new furniture is a big decision because it requires more than just looking at aesthetics. Your office furniture will impact your employees’ productivity, health, morale and more. That said, being keen on searching for office furniture is a must. Many employees are unhappy with their working environments for a number of reasons and one of which is the lack of privacy.


So if you are going to purchase office furniture for your employees, comfort, privacy, and functionality should be kept in mind. An office remodeling project is often followed by upgrading the furniture. It is no surprise that business owners allocate a budget for office furniture pieces because it is an expensive investment. So to make sure that you are not wasting your money on poor quality furniture, here are the dos and don’ts:


Do Get A Measurement

Not getting the right measurement is a recipe for disaster. Whether you are going to purchase a new desk, shelving unit, conference table or chair, you have to measure everything to know how much space can accommodate your furniture. Once you have the measurements, compare them with the dimension of the furniture products.


You should include the height, width, and depth. It will be a complete waste of money if you buy a new conference table only to find out that it is too big for your office space. Taking measurements can help you avoid all these. You also need to take the measurements of your stairs and doorways. Be sure that your furniture pieces can easily fit through.


Do Check Mobility

Office chairs can either be mobile or stationary depending on their features. Mobile chairs have wheeled legs which are known as casters. The wheels allow you to move the chair easily. Stationary chairs have fixed legs and unlike wheeled chairs, stationary chairs cannot be moved. When buying chairs, take the area where your chairs will be used into account. Be sure to choose the type of chairs that suit your needs.


Mobile office chairs are ideal for working spaces with conference tables or desks. Stationary chairs are suitable for waiting rooms and reception areas. More often than not, mobile office chairs are consist of five wheels. Mobile chairs with five wheels can improve the mobility of the chair, reduce the likelihood of tipping over and create even distribution of load.


Don’t Buy From The Wrong Furniture Dealer

When buying furniture pieces for your office, you need to make sure that you buy from a trusted dealer. One indicator that a company is reliable is when they will immediately respond to your problems that may arise. They should not only assist you before you make a purchase but aftersales as well.


While it can be daunting to search for a furniture dealer, it pays to do your own research to ensure that your product will be delivered in a timely manner and you will receive excellent customer service even for minor issues with your furniture. Take note of any hidden charges and fees when shopping for furniture pieces for your office. Ask the dealer if the price on display is the final price. You should also ask about the shipping charges as it might be a separate charge.


Don’t Purchase Used Furniture


While it is tempting to buy used furniture in order to save money, it might not be a good idea as it might cost you more money as most used furniture pieces have expired warranty. With new furniture, you can contact the supplier for repairs or replacement. Another problem that you will face when buying used furniture is the hidden damage that you might not be aware of. Since you do not know who used the furniture and how long it has been used, you might end up replacing the furniture sooner than expected.


Choose a trusted office furniture Houston supplier to ensure that you are getting value for money. Your office furniture is an investment. This is why buying it should not be hastily done. Take time to make the right choice.


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