Full Body Workout Ideas to Try at Your Home

Mostly the people ask a question that is it effective to workout at home?

the answer is yes! But all you need to do is that you have to spend some time and effort in your workout after then it would be as effective as the workout in the gym. For most people going into the gym, daily is challenging so they prefer exercising at home in their own comfort zone, which appeals to them more.

When you are structuring the workout program, you must get a day off in a week but sometimes you are so much compassionate about your everyday workout, but when you feel exerted or tired after your exercise session you need to get some rest and a day off. So, if you are an athlete or runner and you are in search of getting suitable clothes for your workout must shop it from born tough. As born tough men workout tank tops are available at a cheap price which is sweat-wicking and are suitably designed for your workout.

How to get started?

You can make a start with the mobility circuit, which will warm up your shoulders, hips, glutes, ankle, squads, and core muscles, and then make your muscles ready for your workout. Other than that, you can also go for CrossFit exercise at home in which you don’t need to have specific equipment for it. Even you can do aerobic cardio exercise at your home too.

Research has also shown that CrossFit exercises are really effective for your aerobic fitness, so it is really worth your workout.

Glute bridge.

When you wake up in the morning and work out your glutes are the first that get tighten, from sitting at the table and then steering wheels all day. Glute muscles are considered the most powerful muscle of your body.


How to do it?

In order to it, you need to do the following,

  • Lie on the floor with your face towards the ceiling and your knees bending at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Now bridge your hips to the ceiling and squeeze your glutes.
  • Now only your shoulders and hips will remain on the floor. Take a pause for two seconds and then lower your hips towards the floor and don’t touch your hip on the floor, and do 10 repetitions.

In my blogs, I always recommend that before working out, you must make your exercise comfortable, by choosing the right type of gym gear. So, if you need to get the best quality workout outfits must shop them from born tough, as born tough men’s workout shorts are available in top quality at an affordable price.

Hand walk.

Hand walk is also a full-body workout that lengthens your calves and hamstrings when you broaden up your ankle and lower back. This exercise actually stabilizes your shoulders as well.


How to do it?

In order to perform this exercise, you need to do the following things.

  • Stand in such a way that your hands are situated on the floor and your legs are straight.
  • Open up your hands with your legs straight. Walk your feet in the backward position, by using short steps with the help of your ankles.
  • Do almost 10 repetitions.

Birds dog exercise.

Take a start in a way that your hands and knees are in the table position, with your wrists stacked under your shoulders, and your knees stacked under your hips. This is actually your starting point. Now extend your right arm forward and your left leg back.


Keeping your hips in the line with the floor maintains a flat back. Now squeeze your abs and get your arms and legs at the starting point. This is counted as one repetition. Now switch to the other side and repeat this exercise again.

Bodyweight squats.

In order to do bodyweight squats just stand tall on your feet, your hips should be wide apart and core engaged.

Now bend your knees and make your body in a position that is parallel to the floor. Now make your core engaged in order to make your back straight.


Get back to the starting position, this is considered as one repetition.

Now again continue for 30 seconds.

Bent over row.

The bend over row is the exercise that works on the muscles of your back. It is no doubt considered as one of the most effective exercises but challenging to perform. If you want to build up strength and size you need to do this exercise correctly.

Special Tips : Whenever you are doing exercise don’t forget to drink water after and before exercise, also if you are health conscious please check drinking water  contamination.


How to do it?

In order to do this exercise, you need to sand with your feet and hips widen apart and hold the weight on each hand. With your core muscles engaged, bend your knees a little bit so that your back is parallel to the floor. Along with that keep your neck in a comfortable position by gazing at the ground for a few seconds.

Afterward, do a row by pulling the weight against your chest, and by keeping the elbow close to your body, your elbow should move up, (holding the weight) as you bring the weight close to your chest.

Now slowly start lowering the weight, by extending your arms against the floor. This is counted as one repetition. Keep on doing this exercise for 30 seconds.

These are the morning activities which help you to kick start your day with joy and freshness.


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