Benefits of Online Performance Management!

A good performance management system works towards the development of the general organizational performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals for ensuring the achievement of the general organizational ambitions and goals. An efficient performance management system can play a really crucial role in managing employee performance in a corporation by:

Ensuring that the workers understand the importance of their contributions to the organizational goals and objectives.

Each employee understands what’s expected from them and equally ascertaining whether the workers possess the specified skills and support for fulfilling such expectations.

Proper aligning or linking of objectives and facilitating and effective communication throughout the organization.

Facilitating a cordial and a harmonious relationship between a private employee and therefore the line manager supported trust and


A performance review may be a set time when a manager assesses an employee’s progress throughout the year. Leaders identify strengths and weaknesses and set objectives and goals for the worker to accomplish throughout the subsequent year.


There are various ways you’ll conduct a performance review. The standard process, referred to as a performance appraisal, looks something like this:

  • A manager meets with an employee once a year

The meeting is held one-on-one between the supervisor and therefore the employee

The leader reviews the employee’s progress against an inventory of objectives agreed to at the start of the year

  • An employee receives a rating for his or her performance

The introduction of performance management technology has paved the way for a more successful and fluid process. The method is further streamlined when housed in an all-in-one payroll and HR platform.


According to a piece of writing and 58% of all organizations aren’t tracking employee performance automatically. Online performance management System can assist you to streamline the review process and have interaction employees while providing the subsequent benefits:

Longer And Adaptability For Managers 

In a study performed by CEB, managers spend quite 5 full work weeks per annum on manual performance reviews. Automating the normal review process reduces time spent on paperwork, so managers can focus instead on employee growth.

Traditionally, you would possibly have requested a room and scheduled multiple performance reviews over several days. Now, you’ll break up reviews across different locations and time zones. This provides you with the pliability to watch employees’ progress consistently from anywhere. Meanwhile, management software with e-signature capabilities helps you retain documentation accurately and timely.

Streamline Goal Setting

A payroll and HR performance management solution eliminates manual employee performance record-keeping. No more setting goals, and digging through a file a year later to seek out them. With a web performance management system, goals aren’t buried and forgotten.

Receive alerts and notifications to review goals in real-time, and determine whether employees are on target to satisfy objectives. From there, identify gaps and offer solutions to extend employee and company performance.

Increase Employee Engagement

According to Muse, 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback a minimum of once every week. Online reviews help automate feedback processes so you’ll engage with employees more consistently. You’ll create detailed employee records and stay informed of milestones. Utilize key performance metrics from employee performance records to form decisions around rewards, promotions, career pathing, and retention.

Offer your staff the chance to gauge themselves using the web system. Once you understand employees’ own thoughts about their performance, you’ll encourage them in areas where their confidence is lacking. With streamlined managerial insight, you’ll help develop their weaknesses into their strengths.

Provide A High-Touch Experience

Performance management solutions allow you to review employees more frequently without taking overtime out of your day. They supply the power to schedule evaluations with one click, simplifying the method for both managers and employees. During a recent Forbes article, our CRO, discusses how you’ll use online tools to streamline processes and supply a higher-touch experience:

One-click processes and performance scheduling tools help promote a more continuous feedback circuit between you and your employees. This ensures managers are on an equivalent page with employees for better goal accountability.

Evaluation Objectives

Evaluating the readiness of the workers for taking over higher responsibilities.

Providing feedback to the workers on their current competencies and therefore the need for improvement.

Linking the employee performance with the scope of promotions, incentives, rewards and career development.

Developmental Objectives

The developmental objective is fulfilled by defining the training requirements of the workers supporting the results of the reviews and diagnosis of the individual and organizational competencies. Coaching and counselling help in winning the arrogance of the workers and in improving their performance, besides strengthening the connection between the superior and therefore the subordinate.

In a nutshell, performance management is a crucial tool for realizing organizational goals by implementing competitive HRM strategies. It helps in aligning and integrating the objectives with the KPI’s in a corporation both vertically and horizontally across all job categories and therefore the levels and thus helps in driving all the activities right from rock bottom level towards one single goal.


Online performance management is customizable for various needs. It works in conjunction with employee & manager self-service tools. An automatic performance review process improves collaboration between HR and front-line managers.

All-in-one employee payroll and HR platforms with performance management free managers from paperwork and supply more streamlined review processes. Employees feel appreciated and engaged in their workplace, while managers have a far better pulse on the progress of every employee.

To Conclusion

The performance management system is getting the method of managing employee entire time logs, and performance an incredibly sorted task and activities. The way it delivers and works is already on top of what technology can do around this idea. However, because the time labs technology grows it’s only getting to go far and large to urge you more value with tracking the employee performance.

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