Beginners Guide To Kick Start Your Boxing Career – Tips For A Learner

Are you new to boxing? Thriving hard to learn it? In my blog today I will provide you with some basic techniques and skills which every boxer should learn. Boxing is unique, it’s effective, and at the same time a brutal sport. It is the most challenging one which demands speed, agility, fitness, power, mental toughness, and body endurance too. While practicing boxing you feel alive, lively, make you learn how you can defend yourself, boxing makes you humble, and also makes you learn about self-discipline. Boxing is also named “the sweet science”, as it builds up the feeling of confidence in you inside and outside the ring.

So, if you are a beginner or trying to jump into boxing you need to get boxing gear first. Elite sports offer the best quality boxing and gym gear at a price which is pocket friendly, as elite sports boxing gloves are super comfortable which provide the proper fit during your training or fighting sessions.

Boxing basic skills.

As if you are a beginner your boxing stance should be pretty much easy, so that you would be able to offend and defend yourself easily from your opponent. In order to be in your boxing stance, make sure that both of your hands should be ready to attack. Being a beginner, it will take some time to learn about the body movements and about the punching opportunities.

The basic boxing stance.

For achieving the proper boxing stance, you need to do the following things

  • Your front toe and back heel should be placed on the center line, now get into the boxing position by keeping your dominant hand at the back that means if you are right-handed keep your hand back.
  • Bend your knees a bit and distribute your weight on both of your feet.
  • With your back heel raised a bit, shoulders widen apart to keep your feet in the diagonal position.
  • Now keep your hands up and elbows down.
  • Put your chin slightly down, with your head behind your gloves, just see over to your gloves in a straightway.
  • Take a deep breath and get relaxed.

In order to practice the boxing skills as I discussed before that you must get the boxing gear first. If you need to buy boxing gear, elite sports boxing shorts are available at an affordable price with top-class quality which provides immense durability.

Footwork in boxing.


Make sure that in boxing you always have to place your feet on the ground so that you are always ready to attack, defend yourself, and ready to make an attack. Footwork also provides you with the chance to maneuver yourself from harmful situations. Good footwork also teaches you that you are not loose and your movements are not much restricted. But as a beginner most of the people have a habit of jumping over to the ground which wastes a lot of energy, so have to stand patiently on the floor and just focus on your moves which you have to make according to the situation and for that you need to practice a lot for your footwork. There are certain exercises which can help you in improving your footwork.

By jumping rope, through an agility ladder, through box jumping, and shadow boxing you can definitely improve your footwork.

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The basics of boxing punching.

The basics of boxing punches are jab, the cross, the uppercut, and the hook. In order to execute the punch just start from the relaxed position, while throwing the punch exhale, now tighten your fist and body muscles, now release your hand and execute the punch forcefully.

How to make a punch?

In order to make a punch just push your body forward and pivot your back foot. Don’t throw yourself off from the balance instead push your arms forward. As you push your foot, move your hips, and extend your arms straight towards your target.

How many punches a boxer throws in boxing?

In boxing fights that are highly measured fights, it is estimated that 30 punches come in the round or maybe less than that. While in the lower weight class boxing fighting sessions approximately 100 punches came per round.

Basic boxing defense techniques.

There are various boxing defensive techniques. The first boxing technique which a beginner boxer should learn is how to block. Blocking helps the boxer to execute the punches without making himself hurt by his opponent. So blocking is your basic defense which you have to learn first.

Then comes parrying which is the same as the block in which you are slightly deflecting your opponent punch away with your hands. After that, it comes rolling, which is the next step up from the perry technique. Then it comes slipping which is also considered the most skillful boxing technique which every boxer should learn, it is performed by moving your head at either side so that the opponent’s punch slips by the boxer. In the last, it comes countering technique, Floyd Mayweather is counterpunch which is considered the greatest counterpunch in history.

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