All You Need to Know About Building a Rideshare App

Our technology-driven world has found its daily dependence on smartphones for every casual and strenuous work. Most of us depend on someone or something now and then, at least. In many lives, a stranger or a friend has given a sense of purpose in the journey of life. Though all of us have different destinations to reach in life, most of us share similar/same paths. Bargaining into a new trend, we have stepped into a different level of ride-hailing. One such revolutionary idea is the latest and modern ridesharing.

The idea of ridesharing is widely appreciated among the younger generation. Mainly the distinct factors that had impressed are the impressively low-cost ride fair and fuel consumption that is arguably less. Watching Ride-Sharing Apps rapidly creating their market, many investors are attracted to invest in simple start-up ideas that have proven to be profitable.

What Is Ridesharing?

A taxi-like service, but it’s quite different from the mainstream Uber taxi services. The customer can book their ride on short notice and join fellow riders using the same route for their drop. The rider who joins the ride can split their ride fairs, which means the rider can save a considerable amount of money.

The Types Of Ride-Sharing App Development That Are In Trend

  • Ride-sharing

This is a ride service that functions when a customer/rider takes an intermediary vehicle as a ride-hailing service. The customer joins a group of riders riding towards/around the same location. The driver with his vehicle picks up a few more riders after dropping the last rider. The waiting time is relatively short, and the rider can choose the vehicle type and the driver.

  • Carpooling

Mostly used by a group of friends, family, or colleagues, the carpooling facility does not involve drivers. The carpoolers always together head to the same destination. Since there is no particular payment, the group of people takes care of the vehicles’ costs and maintenance.

  • Peer-to-peer sharing

Peer-to-peer sharing is a modern fleet of cars owned by members who are renting it when not used by the owners. The car owners rent their vehicles for a fixed time to the renters and get paid for usage duration. This method of car sharing is popular among travelers who are mostly on road trips.

Two Factors To Consider Before Launching Your Ridesharing App Solution

  • The market

The most basic start yet will arguably be the right way to analyze the many factors before the business launch. Researching offers a valuable insight into the dominant ridesharing market. Research widens a series of adjustments to both the entrepreneurs’ idea and the developing team’s preparation to align with potential market growth. Business minds rely on market research to unfold unique solutions to capitalize on the market’s slightest margins.

  • The features

More amount of time spent on feature sets will make a tremendous difference in the app’s functioning. Features are the in-app segments that will enhance seamless usability during daily usage. The more thoughtful it is, the more users will be inclined to use an app. Also, making sure not to crowd the app with all the features is very important.

Our Thoughtful Features Are Integrated Into All Three Apps That Completes The Business Cycle Effortlessly

Features In Our Passenger App


  • Creating an account

The customer can log in with their social media accounts or enter the OTP on the phone.

  • Profile management

The user will be required to fill in a few personal details for more interactive segments during the usage of the app.

  • GPS tracking

The user is regularly alerted of the distance covered and can see the ride on a separate tracking window.

  • Search

Filters help narrow down the nearest driver and find all possible rides in the location.

  • On-duty vehicles

The users can choose from the enlisted vehicle dashboard that is easily categorized and is ready for a ride.

  • Booking

After the vehicle selection, the user can check for the available rides in the location, book a ride instantly, or schedule a booking.

  • Ride records

For reference or to check the past ride that was opted for, the user has easy access to the billing records.

  • Push notifications

All the essential information from the app is updated continuously and notified to the customer via push notifications.

  • Payments modes

Users can register their credit/debit card to tender the exact amount and save time.

  • Reviews and rating

The passenger can review the services they opted for and can rate the driver’s scores after completing the trip.

Features In Our Driver App


Since the few basic features overlap with customers, let’s take a look at the unique feature that is integrated into the drivers’ app.

  • Navigation

The drivers can use the map to pinpoint the location of the customer and navigate through the cities and avoid traffic.

  • Ride calculation

The driver can look up the fare calculator at the end of the trip based on the route details.

  • Status

The feature helps the driver to be visible on the map and makes them ready for the ride.

  • Ride booking

The driver can subject his availability for the incoming ride requests.

  • Ride analytics

The driver can view detailed analytics of the completed ride for his reference.

  • Passenger review

The driver can check and read the reviews and ratings left by the customers after every ride. The drivers can also rate the customers.

Admin Panel

Since the admin work is predominantly desktop work, it manages the customer and driver data. The admin panel contains the route and financial prospects of the ongoing business. There are features included for the admin panel as well to make their complicated job sprightly.

  • Dashboard stats

The admin can closely monitor the business’s details; the dashboard provides information of the statistics, service metrics, vehicle management, and send in-app alerts.

  • Passenger assistance

The passenger assist tab holds all the records of the customers who used the app for the services.

  • Driver assistance

Admins can view the driver app and assist in improvement and feedback to the driver.

  • Payment management

This feature analyses and records all the financial transactions and commissions between the passenger and the driver.

Final Note

The new idea of ridesharing has been extremely well received by the young modern generation who benefited from using the unique ridesharing app solutions. Since proving its point, this ridesharing market has mustered the attention of many visionary investors to build a leading business of its type. Aspiring business minds looking for a fresh start and a quick start needs a successful source code, and our white-labeled solution can turn dreams into a profitable reality.

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