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7 Great Gifts for Your Booze-Loving Friend

Finding the perfect gift is indubitably a daunting task. When it comes to clothes, art, or even books, your favorite products may not always match someone else’s taste. But before you head for the typical gift-card route, we might suggest a couple of gift ideas that are ideal for your booze-loving friends.

We all have that one friend who is a pro at alcohol-related advice. Whether it is finding the right kind of booze or locating the best bar in town, they have the best ideas. If you, too, have such a friend, you can treat them with these exceptional alcohol-based gifts that they are sure to love.

1.   A Set of Unique Alcohol Glasses

It is an excellent idea to give your alcohol lover friend a unique set of glasses to showcase in their bar or add to their collection. For instance, if your friend enjoys a glass of wine, you can present them a wine glass. Browse from a range of beer mugs and whiskey glasses.

You can even get the glasses customized by etching the name or their favorite characters on it.

2.   Personalized Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an essential piece of equipment that must be in every alcohol lover’s house. You can present a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and a bottle opener to make for a perfect gift for your friend.

You can also personalize the opener by getting your friend’s name, his initials, or a fun quote printed on it. Having a personalized bottle opener can be a great addition to their home. This will make for an excellent gift for someone who likes to collect alcohol-related accessories.

3.   Fun Games for Drinking Nights

Most alcohol lovers are also very enthusiastic about throwing parties for their friends. You can add an element of fun to these parties by gifting some unique and fun drinking games.

The beeropoly beer drinking game is an excellent game for hosting a fun night. The wooden stacking blocks is another perfect choice that will put your friend’s motor skills to test. If your friend is the adventure kind, you can give them a glow in the dark beer pong table. The enjoyable game will quickly turn a night of binge drinking into a memorable alcohol chugging affair.

4.   Margarita Making Machine

This is an exciting option for your booze-loving friends, especially those who have an at-home bar. A professional margarita making machine will help them make delectable drinks, just like those served in the restaurants.

Making a margarita in a regular blender is slightly cumbersome as the drink’s consistency doesn’t always come out fine. But with these machines, your friend can enjoy a delightful drink that can be readily prepared at home. Besides, they can easily experiment with their unique margarita recipes.

5.   Home-brew Beer Kit

A home-brew beer kit is one of the best gifts for a friend who bathes in beer every weekend. These kits come with all the necessary tools and ingredients needed to brew and ferment the beer at home.

You can easily find various brewing kits in the market that caters to an array of brewers, from beginners making their first brew to the experts looking to take their brewing practice to the next stage.

6.   Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

This is another innovative gift idea for booze lovers in your group. Whiskey stones present an excellent way to keep the drink chilled rather than using the traditional ice cubes. The best part about these stones is that they don’t melt. So your friend can enjoy his drink at his own pace, without worrying that it will get watered down.

Also, these stones are reusable. You need to keep them in the freezer, ready to be used the next time. Like whiskey stones, you can also opt for wine pearls if your friend likes to enjoy a chilled glass of white wine.

7.   Hangover Tea

Getting up hung-over in the morning after a long time of binge drinking can be nauseating. To save your friend from this sickening feeling, you can send him a hamper of hangover tea.

The refreshing tea can help them get over the nauseous feeling from a throbbing headache, tired eyes, and an upset stomach. It will help them forget the embarrassing stories of last night and start their day on a bright new note.

Wrapping Up

A lot of people opt for premium whiskey or wine bottles to give to their alcohol-loving friends. Despite being a great gift, it is usually short-lived. So if you want to give something to your friend that stays with them for a long time, you can choose from the options listed above. This will ensure that your friend enjoys his gift and uses them every time he throws a party.

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