7 Concrete Floor Ideas to Shine Your Home

Home decoration is not just something to be taken lightly. If you want your home to look perfect in looks and give you homely vibes whenever you enter the place, you need to maintain the interior in a really cool way. If we are talking about cool, and you are thinking about renovating the place. We will recommend you to start renovating the floors of the house. The flooring can really add up a value to your place. However, the decision you need to take right now is about choosing the floor.

If you ask the people with experience, they will suggest you hardwood and concrete. Both have their own benefits and final touches give a better outlook by the end. Well, you can find a lot of tips on how to set up the hardwood floor. But little that most people know is that concrete has its own benefits and it also provides a better and cool environment.

Benefits of Choosing the Concrete Floor

The major benefit of having concrete flooring is that it is cost-efficient. It doesn’t require too much of the material and that gives you the finest flooring in a limited budget. Another advantage is that it is durable and easy to maintain and keep safe from fire and stains.

About the appearance, it may seem little off for many people, but if you are a person with a keen sense of decoration, you can set up your room in a different way. It looks good with the right furniture on it.

So, let’s begin with the tips for the concrete floor ideas…

1.    Use it in the bathroom

The concrete is a great choice for installing in the bathroom. It will not only look simple but also if you try different kinds of finishes, it might look better than any other tiles and flooring. Also, if you are experimenting with the new ideas, you can try starting it from the bathroom and then move to the other rooms.

2.    Choose the light color tone

The right color tone will always set everything right into the place. Mostly, people and experts recommend black and white and if you are choosing it for the living room, you might want it a little different, and in that case, you can experiment with the different shades of a color you select.

3.    Keep it clean and neutral

The most important thing about concrete is that it gets cracks easily. So, if you want to make it go for a long time, you must keep it clean and avoid moving furniture too many times. Moreover, keep it neutral by adding light-colored accessories. Like, you can use the simple rustic outlook for the doors to enhance the final appearance of the concrete floor in a room.

4.    You can choose the shades of grey

The shades of grey can be pretty cool in for long-run decoration of the home. So, if you are looking for something classy yet elegant, these are the colors you can try and see the results on your own.

5.    Keep it simple

It is concrete and its beauty is improved because of the simplicity. So, keep it simple and you will get the most appealing results for it.

6.    Go with weathered wood stained stamped concrete

If you want to give it a modern look, you can always try the weathered wood stained stamped concrete. This can be a new look with an appeal to the eye that you were worried while choosing a concrete floor. And also, it gives a wood-like outlook after the final finish.

7.    Apply Acid Stain

If you still think a concrete flooring as a boring choice, try the acid stain with the bold colors. You will forget about the dull concrete flooring choices.


So, now what? Start looking up for the best floor companies to get it installed and renovate your home. Turn your house into a brand new place simply following the above tips. If you happen to know something else about the concrete flooring or even other flooring ideas, feel free to share your experience and ideas anytime.



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