6 Unique Tips to Include Reuse Recycle, Reduce in your Daily Life

Technology has influenced our day to day in a lot of positive ways. But the technological revolution has had a heavy impact on our environment. Today we observe severe effects such as climate change in our day to day lives which should be yet another reason why taking a step towards healing earth is important. One of the major problem areas under focus is waste management. As individuals, we all have simple yet impactful ways in which we can do our part to solve this problem.

The “R”s that can change the fate of this painful reality


The three important components of waste management are- reduce, reuse and recycle. Popularly referred to as the 3 “R”s. Almost every piece of work that discusses waste management will talk about these 3 “R”s. We dump waste every day without realizing what we actually consider waste need not necessarily be completely useless.

The form or purpose of the particular product may not be useful anymore but maybe by altering these, we can put them to use again. For example, we throw old bottles immediately after use. But the same can be fixed and used to grow plants or repurposed to decorate your home. This is reuse. We find pet bottles scattered everywhere due to the convenience of buying, consuming and disposing of them anywhere and everywhere. But these bottles get piled up in landfills. Instead, reduce the usage of pet bottles and carry a stainless steel bottle around. This is a way to reduce. And finally, recycling can be a great choice to give a new form to various products such as e-waste.

Here are 6 unique ways of integrating these 3”R”s into your daily life that can benefit you and our planet.

1) Start by choosing reusable alternatives: Of course it is easy to pile up paper cups for the party and dispose of them. Instead by choosing to use reusable glassware or plastic glasses you can avoid problems created by throwing away after one-time use. Keep a cloth bag that you can use as a shopping bag at all times to avoid plastic bags. Use both sides of papers and avoid printing unless absolutely necessary.

2) Schedule a cleaning day every few months: We often tend to collect things without really putting them to use. And if you have ample closet space then it is almost like we never revisit. Revisiting your belongings would make you understand which of the items may not be useful anymore. Donate them to people in need instead of throwing them away and this way you can remove the clutter and encourage reuse of the things you don’t need anymore.

3) Start using recycled products: Most of the things we use on a daily basis have biodegradable or recycled alternatives. Look for recycled products and purchase them. Recycling and using recycled products is a lifestyle choice you should be willing to make. Notice the recycle symbol which usually depicts the type of plastic resin used. This will give away the information about the number of times the particular material can be recycled. Research about local electronic recycling centers and collect your useless electronics and drop them there instead of carelessly disposing of them.

4) Always check the durability of a product: The best way to avoid buying too often is to buy products that are good enough to last long. Don’t get lured into buying use and throw products that are cheap but cost hefty on earth`s health. Buy products that give you long warranties and promise durability. Although, the quality of products used for medical uses should not be compromised. Use the best quality syringes, safe sedate masks etc, but make sure that you dispose of them responsibly.

5) Repair before you throw: The idea of buying a new product every time something goes wrong sounds easy and in some cases more affordable too. But try to fix the broken products before you conclude if you need a new one. Don’t buy new things unless absolutely necessary.

6) Harness the efficiency of technology in places where you can: If your phone calendar is good enough to give you the information you need then avoid buying paper calendars. Smartphones integrate a lot of features together that is available with you at all time. Use them and avoid printing information such as timetables, notes, etc.

Prevention is better than cure. By focussing on reducing consumption to only necessary products we carry forward very little to reuse or recycle. This way we also save on the energy consumed during these processes. Save energy, water and all other natural resources available by making small changes in your everyday habits that will have a huge impact cumulatively.

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