5 Tips for Hiring Productive Employees

Hiring productive employees requires more than simply accepting referrals and hiring based on positive recommendations. When you want to ensure the employees you hire are optimal fits and productive each day, there are a few tips to keep in mind throughout the hiring process.

1. Evaluate Personality and Attitude

First impressions are extremely important when interviewing prospective employees for a new position you have available. Evaluate the attitudes and personalities of each candidate you feel is qualified to take on the job. Qualified candidates who are well-suited for your workplace should present themselves as confident, cordial, friendly, and inviting, especially once you begin asking questions that require in-depth responses. Seek out employees who are likely to work best with the personalities you currently have working for you to prevent potential conflict or miscommunications.

Consider the way each candidate presents themselves and whether they are welcome to new conversation or if they are quiet, shy, and reserved. Is it important for those who work for you to have a sense of humor or do you prefer sticking to business and keeping play outside of the workplace? Does the candidate you are interviewing listen to your entire question before answering or are they prone to interrupting you? Is it difficult to ask a complete question before the candidate becomes distracted, bored, or despondent? Consider all of the factors that are most important to you when running your business before choosing the applicant who is most fitting for your workplace.

2. Inquire About Past Failures

During the hiring process, it is important to inquire about past failures in a candidate’s personal and work life. When a candidate is honest and willing to discuss their previous failures and how they worked to overcome them, they are more likely to remain open with you once they are an official employee. Individuals who are unwilling to admit to faults and failures often have difficulties working with others or admitting their mistakes in the workplace.

3. Ask About Preferred Work Environments

Whether you work in a small and cramped office space or if you are hiring in an expanding company, knowing your prospective candidates’ preferred work environment is essential. Even if you have plans to hire remote employees it is important to consider the preferences of those who are applying for the positions you currently have open. If an employee is only comfortable working in teams but their job requires them to work alone and on their own with little to no communication, they are likely not the right fit for the position. When you want employees who work well with others in all environments, ask each individual candidate how they feel with different work styles that are most prevalent in your office.

4. Gauge Communication and Team-Building Skills

Communication skills are essential in any type of workplace or industry. Listen to each of your applicants’ speech patterns and ability to communicate while interviewing them. Gauge their ability to answer questions directly and with honesty. Inquire about team-building skills and how each individual candidate works with others while completing projects and everyday tasks. Have your prospective candidates tell you about previous team-building exercises and how they were beneficial to their growth and ability to streamline their work.

5. Use Pre-Employment Assessments

Using a pre-employment assessment is a great way to find qualified candidates for the openings you currently have available. Pre-employment assessments such as the Berke Assessment provide employers and hiring managers with valuable insight throughout the hiring process. Learn more about each individual candidate who is interested in working for you by having them complete a pre-employment assessment before scheduling an official interview to save time and to locate the top applicants each time you are hiring. Discover personality types to choose candidates who are likely to mesh well with your current workplace environment and the staff you already have working for you. Use pre-employment assessments to gain confidence in your hiring decisions.

Knowing how to hire the right candidates is essential to save time while gaining peace of mind with each new employee you bring onto your team. With a bit of preparation, the right questions, and a pre-employment assessment, feel confident in the decisions you make for your business.

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