5 Industries That Will Be a Haven For Entrepreneurs In 2019

As an entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for new opportunities across all the budding industries to thrive your way to success. You’d always fancy discovering new industries that are expected to come forward as the most lucrative options for seasoned investors. In the last few years, for instance, we have seen the blockchain industry leaping forward as it got all the limelight courtesy that Bitcoin boom. Similarly, in 2018, the public-use drones became really popular all over the West.

So, all that being said, which industries are going to make an impact in 2019 then? Considering the recent trends, here we have listed 5 major industries highlighted by real estate and industry experts of that will make it big in 2019.

1) Veganism

With vegan lifestyle becoming a growing trend lately across the West, more and more people are opting for plant-based diets for keeping themselves healthy. Veganism, obviously, promotes a diet that is based on fruit, plants, and oats more than anything else. Vegan diets don’t contain any animal products at all and the vegans do not like eating foods which come from various animal sources – including eggs and dairy products.

With scientists declaring vegan diet to be the ideal choice for human health, and increasing number of people planning to make a switch, the demand for different vegan products is certainly going to see a huge spike in 2019.

More and more vegan restaurants are popping up in all major European cities like London, Prague, and Barcelona to name a few. So, we can expect this industry to see a boom throughout the coming years.

2) eSports

In recent times, video gaming has quickly become popular as a competitive sport and a budding industry. It is not something to be associated with immature teenagers anymore. In fact, it has become a multi-billion dollars industry and eSports has touched the skies in popularity over the last few years. With streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch offering a perfect platform to avid gamers, the industry has literally exploded to new heights of popularity.

Various mainstream eSports have gained a massive following over these streaming platforms. Some of the most famous eSports like Virtual escape game, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends bag millions of views every year.

Brand sponsorship remains to be one major driver for this industry. Furthermore, emerging tech also promotes watching and playing eSports making it a more enjoyable experience than ever.

3) Artificial Intelligence

We all know Artificial Intelligence very well and it’s nothing new. In fact, the Terminator series introduced the concept to the world. In fact, it’s a massive breakthrough and it’s already helping humanity in many ways.

The Artificial Intelligence industry has been peaking for a few years now. New technological advancements are being made every passing year and some of the most refined AI applications include Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.

The industry is only expected to move forward in the coming years and more and more useful applications of technology will show up for sure. So, this surely is one industry that entrepreneurs should look forward to in 2019.

4) Eco-Friendly Packaging And Items

There’s been a lot of buzz around environment-friendly initiative of late and that has certainly helped people realize the importance of preserving nature and saving the planet. As a result, there’s been a huge increase in the popularity graph of environment-friendly packaging and items. Alternative plastics turn out to be the largest sellers within this industry.

So, as more and more people will start choosing to be more eco-friendly packaging over other alternatives, companies selling these environment-friendly products will see their profits rise as well. The trend will continue in 2019.

5) Green Energy

The advocates of green energy are surely going to make a huge mark in 2019. Most of the major market players now seem to have realized that focusing on sustainable methods is surely going to benefit their brand. So, they are deciding to switch to green products more than ever.

In 2019, we expect green data centers to make their way to the public domain with an increasing number of companies looking forward to becoming environmentally friendly.

Various other types and uses of green energy like wind power, clean batteries, and solar panels will also be going mainstream in 2019.

So, these 5 industries are surely going to have an impeccable 2019 and entrepreneurs should definitely focus on these. Any initiatives now will surely prove big as the time passes by.

Hope you enjoyed to read this blog, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas with us.

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