5 Ideas to Make your Event Extra Special

Events have a special role in our personal and professional lives. They allow us to connect with people, to socialize on things that matter, to bridge businesses together, and to celebrate triumphs. In short, events allow us to bond with other people, enabling us to grow our social skills and become more confident in life.

Indeed, whether it’s a birthday or a graduation party, an event should be organized around the simple principle of giving the guest the best possible experiences. No matter how small the event can be, we can still do a lot more in terms of improving the experience for our guests.

It’s possible and it’s so easy to do.

Just follow these ideas to making your event extra special.

1 – Plan early

“Sure, the conference is still a half a year away. I can just take my sweet time. It’s still a long way from now.” I am certain that there are people who are more inclined towards doing something at the last minute. But cramming everything into just one deadline can be disastrous not only to you but to your guests as well.

Avoid the common mistake of procrastinating by planning the event early on. At least with an early start, you are basically giving yourself ample time to test out possible venue design options as well as the food you will be preparing. You can modify the collaterals of the event along the way, resulting in an optimized event experience your guests will enjoy.

2 – Prepare for contingencies

You will never know if technical difficulties will interrupt your event, so it’s always a good rule of thumb to consider all possible scenarios such as flooding and heavy traffic to the venue which can decrease your event’s efficiency.

Meet with the other organizers and discuss about possible disruptive scenarios. Through this discussion, it will be easier for you to determine contingency plans that will address these issues.

3 – Get the right equipment

Your event’s success is also anchored on the type of audio and other equipment you have in stock for the event. If it’s a seminar, opt for a sound system that’s well suited for a large hotel function room. For outdoor weddings, the choice of proper lighting is highly important, so make sure you have the proper equipment that will highlight precious moments.

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If you don’t have such equipment, you can always get an independent contractor to provide you with the things you need. Event equipment rentals have gone on an upward spike lately, mainly because they offer a cheaper alternative to buying equipment you can use only for the event itself. You only need to find a company that’s capable of providing you with quality audio and catering equipment for the best value.

4 – Keep the event alive

If your event isn’t all that serious, you may want to add in a few fun elements to keep your guests’ spirits alive. For example, you can play a video in between certain portions of your event. It minimizes dead air and it gives you event a less awkward feel.

Also, make sure you have the right emcee to pump some energy into the event. For this, look for someone who has a good sense of humor. More importantly, opt for someone who is adept at public speaking. Your guests will enjoy the event more if the emcee has enough charisma to charm people into submission.

5 – Monitor your event as it progresses

Even if you have already set up the event and underwent the planning process, you still need to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible. Being one of the organizers, it is your job to make sure the activities in the program are followed through and through.

What’s more, by keeping your sense open during the event, you can respond more quickly to certain scenarios you were unable to prepare for. This lets you identify a problem from the get-go and helps you solve it discreetly while the show goes on.

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