5 Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With Recycled Material

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Decorating the spaces can be quite an adventure and if you are thinking of renewing that green corner that gives life to your home. Then you must stay here because we will give you the best tips for your garden.

A garden decoration with the waste material is something that gives life to any space, but have you thought about doing it yourself? Yes, it is very simple and you can take it as an activity to get out of the routine and take away the stress of a long week of work. Now, if you are ecofriendly you just to the right place because we are going to give you some ideas with recycled material.

Rims, The recycled garden décor material with which they are made causes them to take up to 50 years to disintegrate. In other cases, we usually burn them for the production of other products. Which pollutes the environment much more. To avoid this activity you can use them to make pots or chairs for your guests. Paint them of the colors that you like the most and go with the theme that you are putting in your garden. Without any doubt they will attract the attention.

If you are going to change the door of your house, you can also use it for your garden. Sand the door very well and paint it your favorite color. Use baskets, pots or large buckets -use your imagination- and place a hook to hang them at the door. You can nail them if you do not want to change them or simply make a hole to hang it. Finally, place your plants in the containers and you will notice the difference.

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Do the rain boots of the kids no longer use them? Well this is a good opportunity to give them a second use as pots. You can hang them in the windows or in some part of your garden that you like. You only have small holes in the sole – not so big so that the earth does not come out – and place your favorite plant.


If you are looking for something a bit more vintage you can use an old bicycle. It is not necessary to be in good condition. The only thing you have to do is to paint it in a light color – do not worry much. The purpose is to look worn – place baskets and some pots all over the bicycle and it will slowly take shape .

If you have a tree at home and you want to add a touch of color and decorations that do not damage it. The best idea is use the spotlight. Remove the center of some and place in them your favorite flowers; In addition, you can paint some to make your tree look full of life.

We can give you many other ideas. But the most important thing is that you let your imagination fly and give your garden a unique touch with all your style. If all you want is to paint and decorate, we recommend who are experts in selling garden furniture with the best quality, do not hesitate to visit their website and see their catalog online. In addition, there is good option to use best pergolas, to give extra attraction of your garden.

Enter Pinterest and take some decorating ideas for the garden. You just have to give it an extra touch that goes to your garden. Do you have more recyclable ideas? Write everything in the comment box and do not leave without giving us a little hand up. Share this and all our recommendations with all your friends on social networks.


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