5 Features to Add in a Dating App Like Tinder (2018)

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Looking for features to add in a dating app like Tinder? Here, I’ve made a guide for you. Well, we all know technology has made the biggest difference in our daily life and also in interpersonal relationships. Tinder app is one of the examples for it. So what is it all about you? Let me tell you in brief.

What is Tinder kind of app’s (Dating app) features?

  1. You can meet nearby people



People who are finding interesting meeting new people nearby install this app. As you know tinder shows nearby people according to user’s location. There is a swiping process to like or unlike people whom profile showed to you nearby. You can swipe them right if you like otherwise left.

While making a new dating app there should be something extra to it. Right?

You can add other feature like you can show a more interesting person with same hobbies nearby. Thus, it helps to meet similar people.

  1. Plan personal and group meet up



Tinder is not having this option but you can add. You can give a feature to users to plan their meet. You can give them suggestions to meet at nearby places.

  1. Chat with persons who match


Well, chat app is a feature available in every dating app. However, it is not only important because all dating app has it. It is important because your user wants it in your app. So, it is

the feature you should never forget to implement.

  1. Instant Notification

In tinder when you swipe right it shows you instant notification of match only if that person also has swipe right to your picture.

Why we focus on instant notification? When there is some notification appears which interest users it is useful. There should be no need of refreshing browser again and again. When somebody sends a message that time also there should be a notification.

  1. Completely safe

Dating apps are exciting but not to forget that while you meet someone wrong it could be scary, too. Now, in this situation, it is important to have the security of your information and images. Like user should have right to turn off their location and also they should have access to block anyone by sending a message or reaching to them (Yes, you must have it).


So, these were dating app features that can be included in your app. Now, let’s talk about the technology behind these features.

  • Technologies used in Tinder App:

To work those visible features, many hours of app development done using various kind of tools. As a programming language JavaScript, Python and HTML5 are used. AWS mobile platform is used to build and test the app.

For the safety of data, GoDaddy SSL certificates are used in it. Database environment they have used is Mongo DB and Redis database.

  • The cost to create an app (Dating App) like tinder:

Having all things explained, you know that there are many features used in tinder so making an app like tinder need more time with a budget. An average developer will take 800 hours to make it where hiring mobile app development agency can make it more early.

Let us tell you which stages are included in this development. First of all, developing a backend will take 200+ hours, designing it will take near 100 hours. Quality analyst will also take 100 hours for testing everything. Echo innovate IT is one of the trusted mobile app development companies where hourly rate for android developer starts from $10 per hour.

Now, any experienced app developer you hire will take average 50$ per hour. At Echo innovate IT, we develop an app like tinder at 30$ per hour. Having years of experience, we have delivered 350+ IT projects till now and continuously providing our service in web and mobile app development.


  • If you choose basic app with limited features that will cost (average cost) you $5000 minimum.
  • Opt for single platform app with tinder kind of features cost $25,000
  • Lastly, if you want cross-platform app then it will cost you $60,000 or more.



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