4 Ways to Stay Comfortable and Motivated in Quarantine

As we continue to be confined mostly to our homes in the new year, it can become difficult to establish a way to stay both comfortable and motivated while quarantine drags on. From struggling to reach goals when working remotely, to feeling stir crazy in the confines of a small apartment, the pandemic has certainly presented many residential challenges.

The one thing many of us can take comfort in is that feeling antsy and uncomfortable are experiences currently being shared across the globe. There are several ways to combat these issues by investing in the habits and items listed below. 

Have a Designated Workspace

Having a designated workspace while your job remains remote is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity. Whether you work a 9-5 or you run your own side business, make sure the area you use for your profession is as separate from your personal life as possible. Look to add items to your space that will make it feel refreshing and new, like a standing desk to allow for some extra blood flow during the day.

You should also try filling your workspace with objects that you know will bring you happiness and peace as these will help you to feel more connected to your tasks. From succulents to photos of you with your loved ones, adding a personalized touch to your desk will set the tone for your work day and make you feel at ease even in stressful moments.

And speaking of stressful moments, another solution for staying comfortable and motivated at home is to track your stress levels each day so that you can put your best foot forward.

Track your Stress Levels

The topic of mental health has become a bit of a buzzword as we continue to stay confined indoors, with many individuals feeling disconnected from the outside world and overwhelmed. Your stress levels during the day can actually have an impact on your physical and mental health, which is why it is so crucial to monitor them.

In moments where you’re experiencing high stress from personal relationships or from work, try documenting how you feel through voice recordings or journaling, so that you can refer back to these feelings in the future. While it might take a bit of time to get used to recording your thoughts, these memos will help you to identify key stressors in your life so that you can get a better handle on them.

For those who are looking for a more tech savvy yet fashionable way to keep track of their stress, consider investing in an affordable smart watch that monitors your heart rate during the day, as gadgets like this will quite literally tell you when you might be overwhelmed.

Wear the Right Clothing

Sweatpants and altheisure have been the go-to attire choices while being stuck at home in the last year, and for obvious reasons. Truly, there isn’t anything wrong with wearing comfortable clothing as you work remotely, as long as you’re able to remain professional when necessary. There’s no sense in wearing a dress or suit and tie every day for work or when taking care of the house, so seize this season of life to wear loose-fitting outfits that won’t distract you from your work.

Try to be intentional about every piece of clothing you wear, even with the seemingly less important items like undergarments. Unnaturally tight layers have the ability to impact your motivation, comfort level, and overall productivity, which is why bottoms like silky soft underwear have more influence than average intimates you might currently be wearing. It’s best to begin with basics that leave you with some breathing room while you go about your daily tasks, making underwear the perfect clothing item to upgrade.

Establish a work from home wardrobe that always takes your feelings into consideration first, as this will ensure you’re putting your own motivation and comfort first.

Develop Daily Goals

Staying motivated while working remotely or being a stay at home parent is a struggle that many individuals are currently facing. If you have been finding your overall motivation to be lacking, a simple yet effective way to solve this problem is by developing daily personal goals. Here are a few examples of easily achievable goals you can put into practice during the day:

1 – Dedicate 1 hour to Silent Work

If you’re someone who is used to listening to music or podcasts throughout the day, or even prone to putting on a streaming service in the background as you work, it’s time to modify this habit. Try committing 1 hour of work in complete silence, and track how much you get done during this time. You’d be surprised by how this simple change can make you feel more motivated and productive.

2 – Learn Something New in your Field

It can be hard to feel excited about your day to day tasks if you’ve been doing the same thing for a while.  That’s why making it a point to learn something new about your field or your professional interests each day is a perfect personal goal to set. Breaking up your day in search of new trends that might be taking your profession by storm or a coming across a  new mom hack can help you feel more connected to your inspirations while also impressing your peers.

3 – Schedule a 15 Minute Break Time and Stick to it:

While it might feel counterproductive to schedule a break if you’re trying to stay on task, it’s been proven that taking regularly scheduled breaks can actually help you in the long run. Don’t burn yourself out by rushing through lunch or refusing to leave your computer screen. Do yourself a favor by setting a 15 minute break goal each day, every day, for the next few weeks to see if this helps you fight the quarantine blues!

4 – Connect with a New Team Member/Friend:

Finally, try choosing a day a week to connect with another team member or friend that you haven’t chatted with in a while. Pick their brain about their position/ day to day and use them as a resource to see if they’re doing something you haven’t tried yet to stay on track in the new year.

No matter what tactics you adopt to keep yourself comfortable and motivated at home, keep in mind that you are not alone in your emotions towards quarantine. Start the new year right by giving your workspace a refresh, and by developing habits that will help you as opposed to hindering you. As you wake up each day, try to wear clothes that put comfort first, set goals that will keep you engaged, and check in on yourself when feeling stressed as well follow nutrition and exercise which helps you to beat stress.

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