4 Types of Aerobic Exercises for cardio.

The term cardio means with oxygen, so aerobic exercises are also called cardio short term cardiovascular exercises. While doing the aerobic activity you continuously utilize your muscles of hips, arms, and legs, your heart rate also increases with your breath. If you want to do cardio exercise the good news is that you don’t need to have fancy equipment or huge space, with a bit of effort you can make the fitness routine that includes vast range of cardio exercises to build up muscles, reduce weight and burn calories. There are certain exercises for cardio which you can do at home also. But before that let me explain that if you want to wet your feet in cardio exercise you need to get comfy gears first. Which is sweat absorbing and which are durable too. As born tough men workout shirts are available at a cheap price and are suitably designed for your workout sessions.

So, getting back to discussion, there are simple aerobic exercises for cardio which you can do any time anywhere.

Rope jumping


Rope jumping is considered as the great cardio workout which helps in burning around 22 calories around 20 minutes. Rope jumping is simple, you can do it anywhere, it’s inexpensive and you can take the rope along with you anywhere you want to. All you need to do is practice, also you need a good pair of shoes and also bit patience as well. Rope jumping burns your calories, improves your body endurance, lowers the risk of your bone injury and also improves the health of your heart.

Modification of rope jumping.

Jumping rope improves the coordination by requiring several parts of your body to communicate in order to complete one repetition. Jumping rope on one foot then on alternating feet, crossing your feet and then jumping with high knees are all modifications which you can do in rope jumping. You can make it more challenging as well by simply double turning the rope.

Various methods to use rope jumping in your workout.

For a cardio circuit.

Do rope jumping along with other exercises like squats, lunges, dips and pushups for like 30 to 60 seconds.

In a beginner circuit.

10 to 30 seconds of rope jumping with marching in 5 to 10 circuits.

Jogging at a particular place.

Jogging is an excellent way for conditioning your cardiovascular system. It is the aerobic activity that utilizes your fatty acids and carbohydrates for your energy. Through jogging you can also warm up your body in order to do more intense exercise.

How to do it

Start marching by staying at a particular premise, then gradually change to jogging to make your exercise more intense. Jogging is low intensity cardio training and is considered as the popular method for reducing weight.

So, if you are a beginner in aerobic workout you must need to get the suitable gears for your workout. Born tough men workout shorts are available in huge variety and sizes which are stretchable and are the best for your wardrobe.

Mountain climbing.


Mountain climbers are just as much of the core exercise as cardio moves, you can do these moves anywhere and can still feel the burning sensation. In mountain climbing no specific skills are required, and you can also raise their heart rate up along with developing strength and body endurance. Mountain climbers have to be very careful as they can twist their wrist, arms, and shoulders and can tax their core as well. So, mountain climbing is the best exercise for developing the core strength, your body conditioning, and also body agility. Through mountain climbing you can develop several muscles of your body as well, and it is the total body workout with just one exercise. You can get various benefits for your heart health and also can burn calories.

Squat jumping.


Squat jumping are the plyometric exercises which will raise your heart rate, increase the power in your legs, and improve your stamina. In order to do the squat jumping you need to jump from the squat position as high as you can and then get back into the squat position. Allow your heels to make the angle of 45 degrees when you land. Squat jumping is also considered the best exercise for increasing height. It also supports the conditioning of your joints, muscles and your lower body too.


So, these are a few aerobic exercises for cardio I have discussed in my blood today, and I hope you got much information on how you can improve the health of your heart by wetting your feet in aerobic exercises. So just get the suitable pair of shoes and start up today. Goodluck!


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