4 Tips to Create More Effective Business Videos

The majority of businesses utilize videos extensively nowadays for marketing, training, branding and a wide range of other reasons. Because videos have the potential to be more engaging than any other type of content, it is only natural that you would want to take advantage of that and use it to benefit your business.


That being said – just because videos have a lot of potentials it does not mean that they will automatically be effective. Instead, if you want your business videos to be effective you will have to take steps to ensure that they are:


  • Define a single goal and focus on it

Before you create a video, you should first define the one single goal that you want it to achieve. That goal should be the focus of the video, and every decision that you make from that point on about the type of video, topic, style, structure, and so on should center on achieving that goal – so nothing is going to distract viewers or take them down a different tangent.


  • Plan your video in detail

Another thing that you should do before you start to roll the cameras is to plan the business video in detail. Ideally, you should write a script, and may even want to visualize the video with storyboards.


While you’re planning you can make decisions about the topic, duration, structure, style, and so on. In short, all the details should be ironed out before you move forward.


  • Try to be concise, direct and keep it short

The most effective business videos tend to be short and get straight to the point. Focusing on a single goal can help – but you should also structure your video to be concise and direct in conveying its message.


In particular, you should try to hook viewers within the first 10 seconds to convince them to keep watching to maximize engagement.


  • Carefully position and structure the call to action

The call to action is extremely important in business videos as it is what you’ll use to point viewers towards the goal, and outline what they should do next. In short videos, you may be able to afford to place the call to action at the end of the video, but in longer videos, you may not want to wait till that point.


Additionally, you need to keep in mind that it isn’t enough to tell viewers what to do next, you should also let them know why they want to do it (i.e. how it will benefit them).


It goes without saying that aside from these tips you’ll want to ensure your business videos look professional and have excellent production value. That isn’t as difficult as it sounds and can be pulled off easily with a bit of editing using Movavi Video Editor (click here for more information) or some other software. If you can create impressive videos and use the tips listed above, your business videos should be much more effective.

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