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Especially if you are planning to travel on your own for the first time, there will be some useful tips to help you make the best of your solo trip to Gran Canaria and assure that it will be a complete success.

Even the most experienced solo traveler will admit that a little uneasy feeling will be traveling along every time. And that the first journey simply requires a bit more courage. And that’s perfectly normal. Overcome your own fears, it’s worth it!

When traveling alone the full responsibility lies with you, and just you. Do not be discouraged by this idea, but be prepared accordingly, our tips will help you.

1. The right choice of the holiday country

Your holiday destination should of course interest you. For the first time – as an introductory trip, so to speak – in order to gain initial experience, it is recommended to choose a travel destination within Europe. Gran Canaria is ideal because of the year-round good climate and especially because it is a safe holiday destination with a very low crime.

2. The right vacation spot

If you are traveling alone, we recommend that you choose one of the tourist destinations, as it is easier to find a connection to people that speak your language. In addition, these places have the necessary infrastructure as well as a good connection to the public transport network and also offer numerous excursions and activities for tourists.

3. Organized tours and activities

We advise you to explore the destinations away from the tourist hustle and bustle in guided excursions. As you ensure that you can’t get lost and get lots of interesting information about the country and its people. These excursions on Gran Canaria are also ideal to meet people and make new friends.

4. Communication at the resort

If you are not proficient in the national language (in Gran Canaria: Spanish), you will get along well in the tourist centers with English. In the area around Puerto Rico, for example, the majority speaks English. Download a dictionary app on your mobile phone beforehand just in case.

5. The right hotel

When you travel alone, it does not mean that you’re single. However, if this is the case with you, inquire about a single hotel in Gran Canaria. Depending on your age and accommodation preferences, there are also a number of hostels available. In the common bedrooms and the utility rooms of the hostel, you can quickly connect to the others. Hotels that don’t accommodate families with kids are also convenient when traveling alone.

6. Rent a safe

Choose an accommodation with a safe for your valuables, as you will take care of it all by yourself. Especially on the beach, it is important that you do not carry any documents or too much cash with you. If you do not want to do without your mobile phone, get yourself a waterproof shoulder bag. You can then also keep your cash in there. This way, you can enjoy the bathing day on your own carefree and relaxed.

7. Flight Booking

If you travel alone, it is advisable to set your arrival and departure time throughout the daytime. This is safer and more comfortable for you. You are not tired, the airport is busy, all counters are open and therefore available if you have any questions.

8. Transfer

Taxis are available at the airport taxi rank at all times. The taxi is the easiest way and leads directly to your hotel. If this is too expensive, the braver among you can use the public bus to get to their holiday destination. Once there, you can wave one of the innumerable taxis on the street and let them drive you the last bit to the hotel.

9. Hotel address

It is advisable to always carry the name of your hotel and the address with you, in case you get lost. The strange-sounding hotel and street names can sometimes be difficult to remember and if you get a little distressed, your memory can quickly fail.

10. Registration requirement

Before leaving discuss with a good friend or family at what intervals and on what occasions you will get in touch. Also make sure that you are available on vacation, if necessary, via a local SIM. These measures give you a sense of security and can save a lot of time in an emergency. Your contact person will be noticed within a short time if something is wrong, which may be decisive.

We wish you a nice holiday in Gran Canaria!

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