10 Minute Fun Games to Play for Feeling Fresh and Energetic


Games are the fun time leisure that makes us feel lively and energetic. Even if you are getting bored or having a get together with family or friends you can arrange games and have an entertaining time. Unlike the kind of games which take awfully long time, we have picked 10minuteideas games which are simple, fun and filled with laughter.

1) Suck It

Suck It

Suck it is the easiest and favorite game of all. All you need is two plates, straw and loads of m&m or skittles. Two or more than that can compete with each other. One plate is being spread out with candies and the other empty.  The contestant will have to suck the candy through the straw. The one who puts all the candies on the other plate will win.

2) Mad Dog

Mad Dog

There are many Minute to win it game ideas and one such happens to be the mimics actions of the dog. It’s a very exciting game to participate. You will need two tic tac boxes, rulers, and some tape. The rules are very simple. Get the ruler attach the tic tac boxes on both sides with tape. Put it in your mouth at center. Make sure one doesn’t use hands as they are restricted. Move your head vertically and empty the container. Watching people move their head like mad dogs will throw you into fits of laughter.

3) Gravity-Defying

Gravity Defying

The colorful balloons always win our heart. For this game, you’ll be in need of a large ground and balloons of different or same colors. You are allowed to use only one hand and keep the balloons in the air. Don’t let it touch the ground. But, you can’t hold it, simply give a tap and it will be up. You’ll have to continue this 60 seconds and the one who manages to do this will win the game.

4) Colouring Book

Colouring Book

Crayons and books always remind us of childhood. Hence, get them together for this game. It’s been said that coloring books calm us. The challenge is that each participant will have to color the picture given without spreading at the edges. Make sure that you find images that are larger and fill the color easily. The one picture that looks beautiful will be the winner.

5) Balloon in the Middle

Balloon in the Middle

Some wonderful music and balloons, you are all set to have an amazing time. You can split the game into two rounds or perhaps even one round will work. The contestants will have to balance the balloons which are being pressed between their bodies. At the same time, dance to the music. The one lets the balloon fall will lose the game. Discard the contestants after every one round. An ideal game especially for couples.

6) Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

The rapid-fire game is the most famous games. You might have seen them in movies and the famous TV series friends. The topic of rapid-fire varies a lot. It could be about movies, news, sports, and books or even of their own. Generally, two opponents will sit in front of each other and answer the questions fastly. The game is going to be played in two rounds. The contestant with most correct answers is a winner.

7) Cookie Face

Cookie Face

The interesting game could really set the good mood for the party. Within 10minutes to win it games for groups or can compete at the same time. Each player will have to put the cookie on their forehead. S/he will have to get the cookie in their mouth through facial movements. No hands! It looks easy but hard enough to get a cookie.

8) Marshmallow Stuffing 

Marshmallow Stuffing 

A mouth stuffed with marshmallows? Well, this game is pretty much trouble-free. All you need is fill your mouth with marshmallows as much as possible. Give a packet of it to the respective person and set the timer on. Watch them making funny faces. A maximum amount of marshmallows who stuffed is going to be a winner.


9) Pong TAC Toe

Pong TAC Toe

Pong Tac Toe is an amusing game. During the game, you are going to hear “Ohhh! Ahh!” Not only kids but adults can play the game as well. Three trays will be arranged in a row. The challenger is going get one minute in which s/he will have bounce the ping pong balls such that they will be on the tray.  The one who has more balls in the tray is the winner.

10) Drop Around the Clock

Drop Around the Clock

Make the funniest memories by playing this game. Participants will have to pick candies one by one using a straw and their mouth. They can use their hand to hold the straw. Get the candy and place it in the section of clock starting from 12 o’ clock. Two rounds so that there are two candies on each hour.

Sometimes, games are so fascinating that you wish to involve not only but twice, thrice and savor the joy winning as well as losing. Similar to that the above-mentioned blog consists of such games. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or just like that – give a try and add cheers to your day. If you would like to play a game like a video or digital you should play a game like a pokemon go.

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