10 Best Attraction to Visit in Your Morocco Holidays


Before I could take a decision, I was told that country is not as safe as expectations. Well, people were thinking that I care for the safety, all I was looking for was my own courage which I had once.There was an unknown willingness in me to stand for my decision and I did it. Anyways, you don’t have to be interested in it. The country I was about to land has a mysterious reputation in a world. People have been saying a lot about, some of it is a complete truth while other is just a self-build story.

I have one rule of traveling to other places and that is to adopt the culture of the country while I’m staying there. Yes, it is always fun to be in their traditional attire and Morocco was never uncomfortable in this matter. Those Scarfs look charming and the gown or you say Kaftan was quite comfortable and fascinating.

Well, there are more than million reasons to travel, if you can make it otherwise it doesn’t matter until you want it. Morocco is a sole reason that I have fallen in love with one of the passions of traveling constantly with Virikson Morocco Holidays.

       1 Mint Tea

No doubt that it’s just a green tea with a flavor of mint and including the cubes of sugar but the way it is served at most places is artistic. A silver pot and tin glasses make it more tasteful and it is better if taken without sugar cubes. It gets tastier than anything, especially on the refreshing morning.

2 Hammam

A frightening yet a wonderful experience. Forget what spas are offering when you have a tradition Hammamthe blow away all the stress. When I entered it, I was stunned but eventually, I hold my reaction and proceed further. After the treatment, the most wonderful feeling of the world was holding me.

      3 Atlas Mountains

As a beginner, I didn’t know basic rules of hiking and got tired soon but I woke next day called my agent and ask him to let’s start a new day by hiking to the Atlas Mountains. Those sceneries are mesmerizing, a shining sun giving a whole new look to the valley and making the best of my tour.

 4  Medina of Fes

Fes el Bali is rightly famous for its history and fabulous medina. It’s historically marked as one of the marvels of Morocco. Enjoy shopping and just wander around or observe the lifestyle enjoying your food.

       5  Volubilis, The Ruins from Roman History

I don’t what this place has, it is all ruined and only show the history but for a moment you’d like to imagine a lifestyle of people who have lived there.

      6  People

The people of Morocco are setting all new examples of hospitality. Someone might have come across all the gazing and commenting by the locals but I found most of them very friendly. Even I have a friend from Morocco who shared a table with me.

      7  Marrakech & Desert

This city is vibrantly diverse in its all glory. Shining even at the night. Just visit around in a day and in the night, you’ll experience the whole Morocco in a glance.  Don’t forget to take a tour to a desert, it offers you the best time.

      8 Chefchaouen – Blue City

The blued walled city is the one that is responsible for holding my breath for a very microsecond. Their artistic approach is amazing. All the walls are blue and white yet giving you an amazing outlook of a city residing in foothills of Riff Mountains.

       9 Food

Food is delicious, not as much you like junk food because they have healthy dishes including the spices you might have heard only. Tagines, couscous are most common cuisines while you can find others too. They are also best in making sweets.

10 The architectural history

Almost every city holds a building from the past. Hassan Tower, Portuguese fort, Volubilis, then the architecture of houses and Kasbahs is worth admiring and appreciating.

Basically, the country is welcoming every soul that is a seeker of beauty, simplicity and contemporary blend of cultures.  If you’re planning your holiday, keep Morocco on your travel bucket list.


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